Winchester 7 & The Runners bring the fuzz with their latest single ‘When the World Stops Spinning’

Ellen Oakley

A wave of fuzz like no other, Winchester 7 & The Runners, has created a track with all the bite and musicality of 90’s grunge with the melody and quirk of alt lyricism. ‘When the World Stops Spinning’ is chocked full of addictive riffs, a memorable breakdown and a joyful vibe that transports the listener to a place of reckless fun.

With a dynamic opening that mimics live playing, leading into a strong riff-fronted tune accompanied by earthy vocals that add a lightness to the distorted backing, ‘When the World Stops Spinning’ starts as bold as it ends.

The driving percussion is steady, grounding the track as it bleeds into a solo that feels reminiscent of classic 70s rock, with extra sludge. Somehow the song feels like it’s packed an entire culture of psychedelic rock, grunge nuances, and distinctive imagery in its just over three minutes run time. It stands as a real ode to Winchester 7 & The Runners’ talent and a tribute to the band’s influences. Not only is the style and presentation invigorating, but the whole track is lead by an electric ukulele which adds another layer of personality to the performance.

With a catchy beat that encourages listeners to dance their problems away, chant worthy lyrics and an overall aura of charm, ‘When the World Stops Spinning’ is the perfect soundtrack to any post lockdown adventures or for a kick of motivation when your weeknight is dragging. Winchester 7 & The Runners is refreshingly candid and genuine, combining various alternative scenes to a wall of sound and festivity. If you feel the lockdown blues, the addition of this song to any playlist will instantly rectify that.

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YUNGBLUD and Machine Gun Kelly in Zombie Apocalypse in New Video

Continuing with the plethora of content from last year, YUNGBLUD treats us all to third collab with rap-turned-pop punk legend Machine Gun Kelly, finally giving us the video that we all have waited so long for.

Mirroring the same vibe as previous video collab I Think I’m OKAY, but with a major apocalyptic twist – zombies are about.

The boys are both reaching the end of a long, heavy night of partying when suddenly zombies strike! But they don’t care, continuing to party and play for the dead, similarly to how they did in the last video, where they performed on a raise platform to adoring fans with their arms in in the air. This time, the “fans” arms are in the air for a different reason – they want their blood!

This video is a quintessential YUNGBLUD and MGK collaboration, with eccentric outfits and makeup, attitude and huge energy. The only thing missing is the two of them being able to be together…perhaps we can hope that by time they come round to filming something for their third collaboration – Bodybag – featured on Machine Gun Kelly’s latest album, things will be different, and the two of them can celebrate and rock out together.

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Mars Smith

Franki Pineapple does not shy away in her new maximum-attitude single

Franki‘s talents knows no bounds. In her home of Hollywood, she boasts a huge repertoire in screenwriting, journalism, writing novels, and now in her brand new calling. A newly-anointed singer songwriter fuelled by attitude and fearlessness, Franki Pineapple means business in the punk rock genre.

With an interesting mix of the rage and attitude of punk, the instrumentation of a thrash song and the influences of modern day EDM, the new release “Fuck It, Man” expresses the importance of just not caring about others – make sure you do you and do it well! The track comes in radio edit format but I suggest you just Fuck it, man and listen to the proper version – it’s more fun that way!

Stephanie Carlisi, AKA Franki Pineapple, calls the hills her home, born in the building that now houses the world headquarters of Scientology – a vast difference to the woman that became Franki. From birth, she has dedicated her life to storytelling, through many different mediums. The first taste of the music world came to her when legendary songwriter and actor, JD Souther (The Eagles; Linda Ronstadt; James Taylor) hired her to transcribe his lyric journals. He encouraged her talents, nurturing the little musician into something confident, powerful and full of attitude!

With the new attitude came a new name: Franki Pineapple – sweet on the inside but spiky on the outside – suggested by her friend and producer Nararaj Tribino (PM Dawn; Nile Rodgers). Completing the identity, she donned a new logo, created by John Pasche, who also created the famous Rolling Stone’s lips and tongue – and this is where the fun really began.

Apple Inc took a disliking to Franki’s use of fruit, and pressed a lawsuit against the new artist, suing her for the use of the logo:

“Apple brought a compromise settlement to the table which I felt deep in my soul would limit me in ways I simply could not sign on for. I had done nothing wrong; I had infringed on Apple in no way; all I had done was put my heart and soul into the creation of something cool which represented peaceful rebellion; I knew I could not back down and so I decided to fight.”Franki

Coming out on top, Franki saw this as an act of rebellion against big corporate ideologies, and a prevailing sense amongst the nonsense of the whole case.

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Vanderocker’s New EP ‘The Good Punk’ is a Love Letter to the Human Race

Indie-punk Maverick Vanderocker returns with a brand new EP – The Good Punk – a 5 track journey, bringing us a brilliant mix of punk, indie and psychedelia in this experimental EP.

Soon to be turned into a short film, the short album touches on themes of sex, voyeurism and confirms Vanderocker’s place in the alternative music scene.

Vanderocker is an indie music project lead by Adrienne Vanderocker, an LA based performance artist who comes from a family of Dutch-American classical musicians. Boasting a huge amount of talent, Adrienne composed the EP, playing guitar, bass and synth on the record. Together with the producing skills of Brandon Eggleston and several noteworthy guest artists such as Federico Pol Jr (Joe Cocker), Peter Holmström (The Dandy Warhols, PIA), and Brendan Bond (Black Pumas), the EP was born.

Vanderocker have continued to soundtrack an eccentric and dreamlike view of the world, best described by Adrienne herself: 

“In my mind, it’s a basic study of humans on different levels, almost from an Alien National Geographic kind of perspective. ‘Here is Earth, a most beautiful place and here are the alluring creatures who call themselves human beings. Let’s observe them when they are just in their bodies. Now look how they change when they interact with other groups’ – like a typical lab observation, right? Which is interesting in itself; but then of course, we have to look at how amazingly powerful humans can be when they disengage from the drama and plug into something bigger than themselves. I find comfort in all of it, when I can step back and observe us the way a newcomer might.”

In the early stages of their music, Vanderocker worked more with classic rock and electronica, but through experimentation and collaboration, the sound has become more polished, honing in on the perfect hybrid genre, including trip-hop, avant garde, roadhouse blues and indie pop.

Vanderocker have continued to push musical boundaries, working with Phil Ek (Modest Mouse; Built to Spill) on single, Dear Future Self in August 2020 and appearing on the soundtrack to the PS4/XBox One/PC game, Beyond Blue. Tying all of the music together and encapsulating the Vanderocker journey, the short film, Cult for You, will be a 1920s-esque erotic flick, with shooting beginning this November.

The Good Punk is due to be released on the 13th November, and the track list goes as follows:

Cult For you opens with punchy, punk guitar that lead the track, accompanied by haunting and sensual vocals. As the harmonies layer, the track becomes more intense, leaving the listener in their own imagination.

Earthly pleasure. Birthright. A pure journey of the flesh. The most basic, primal experiential potential of having a human body. You can get off and go about your day unaffected, or you can reach other dimensions, use sex as medicine and heal yourself and/or your other, or connect to pure God essence, just by knowing how to use your body as a vessel. Sex is a portal. I like the duality there is in sex and the sensual worlds alone- the drama, the meaning, the purpose all begins in our heads and then trickles through our bodies to be expressed and manifested.”

Endless city leads with a heavy bassline, introducing the other instruments that layer upon each other. It really gives you a nostalgic feeling of walking through an empty city at night, feeling empowered but intrigued by the mystery around you.

 “Now we take the human experience out of the singular and look at it from about 50 yards away, for instance, watching small groups interact in our favourite petri dish – a city at night. This environment is a prime setting for getting the extreme highs and polar opposite lows out of people, often within the same experience. We follow our subject, seemingly feminine, through the streets where she bears witness to all of it. People’s faces become lock boxes for sins, secrets, or resilience, or heroism, and they also become the most open, revealing, expressions of themselves on the flip of a dime. There is also the idea that a city at night is also where you have the easiest access to mind altering substances, either through drugs, or euphoric divination – and seeing how the two paths can have their similarities is interesting to me. The two paths can look the same but feel and affect one in polar opposite ways. Of course, all these experiences lead to the same goal- wanting to feel loved, and oh the trouble humans go through to achieve this feeling.  From an outside perspective, it would make you deeply curious what the fuss is about.”

Taking Notes boasts a more avant-garde feel to it, bringing in more electronic and psych vibes. The layering of the voices with whispers really gives a trippy feel to the track. Sit back and close your eyes, you’re in for a journey with this one. This is also included as a bonus track instrumental, which is simply incredible and really give the instruments their spotlight.

This is the most avant-garde piece on the EP. Establishing a deep funky groove as a setting for a narrative on the human experience and how we have to go through all this strange and often painful play to be able to tap into the higher experience and of course, our true potential. I was setting up a kind of 70’s vibe as the foundation and Pete ended up putting some really cool guitar work, creating this brilliant soundscape over the piece. In case anyone wanted to enjoy this piece without the narrative, we included a bonus instrumental on the EP.”

Supercell really brings the punk into this EP, with its message about waking up, coming together and “opening the eyes of the human race”. It is a brilliant final track to the EP, especially considering what society has been through this year.

 “This track takes a look at how powerful humans are when they come together for a cause .Of course, it particularly speaks to all the unrest and upset around the massive corruption and ongoing systemic racism. When I was writing Supercell I was just thinking about that superpower gene that kicks in when change happens. I wrote it thinking about it in that context and then learned what a Supercell actually is- a Supercell is the mother of all storms. It couldn’t have been more perfect.” 

Keep an eye on Vanderocker’s social media accounts for the release of this fantastic and thought-provoking EP.






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Written by Mars Smith

Defiant New Single ‘Mean Rock n Roller’ is vintage MeMe Detroit

“MeMe Detroit bridges the gaps between grunge, indie and Blues rock…” Louder than War

“This is the kind of person you get jealous of because they’re an incredibly talented singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer…” Janice Long – BBC Radio

“Great voice”Johnny Doom

MeMe Detroit teases new track following the overwhelming positive reaction from the previous releases. Mean Rock n Roller Promises to be a rebellious anthem for anyone who just wants to be themselves rather than conforming to societal norms, lead by a woman who wears these values not just on her sleeve, but in her clothes and artistic makeup.

Pure passion and feelings are poured into each of MeMe’s records and live performances, which are self described as “Uplifting Angst” by the British/Columbian artist, perfectly capturing her Riot Girl energy whilst also keeping something super unique, combining gritty-grungy vocals with power-indie.

MeMe is also one of those insanely talented people that are just stupidly good at everything, with her featuring on the vocals, as well as guitar, bass and synth, with bandmate Kallum McEwen backing up the track with the drums.

The band are well known for their explosive energy both on the stage and off, with hundreds of positive reviews from their live shows, and raving critiques from BBC Introducing, while the band have landed regular airtime on Kerrang! Radio, Janice Long’s show on BBC Radio Wales and have featured on Fresh on the Net’s ‘Fresh Faves’.

If you are looking for a new punk track that makes you want to don your creeper boots and stick on a spiked collar, watch this space, or check out some of their previous releases if you just cant wait! A favorite is “How she Runs”, which you can watch the video for below.

MeMe is currently rallying fans from around the globe to crowdsource and put together a new music video for Mean Rock n Roller, which, if anything like some of their previous videos, features a short introductory story before the music kicks in, giving us more insight and context to the track.

Keep an eye on their socials for updates on this, along with exclusive live streams on their social media, full of high powered grunge and attitude.

Mean Rock N Roller is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek song that we had written as a bit of fun but at the same time says “fuck you” to the limiting beliefs that are pressed on us by society as we grow up. You can basically be, do or have anything you want in life when you put your mind to it, so never settle. It’s pointless”.

Keep up to date with all news related to MeMe Detroit, including the release of the single on the 30th October this year!








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YUNGBLUD’s New Single and Tour Announcement Here Now!

YUNGBLUD simply cannot stop treating his fans this year, releasing three new singles, two new collabs with musical giants Machine Gun Kelly (featuring on the deluxe side of his new album) and Bring Me The Horizon, a remix of his single with marshmallow AND Music videos to compliment these tracks. Its clear why he is a front runner in todays music, mixing genres of pop, rock, punk and electro-pop into a rebellious tune to fuel todays kids to be themselves and love everyone’s flaws.

The latest release – Cotton Candy – steers off topic from his usual lyrical themes, bringing themes of romance and sexual liberation. With a heavy, funky bassline that reminds us of the iconic Tame Impala riffs and a bouncy pop melody, mixed with the vocal talent, the latest release is an earworm that just grows and grows on you until you find yourself hitting that repeat button.

As more and more hybrid-rock musicians release their experimental records, we are reminded what the true meaning of Rock ‘n Roll is – Self expression and individuality. More and more alternative musicians are pushing these boundaries, with Palaye Royale and Machine Gun Kelly joining in on the smashing of gender stereotypes within fashion

The music video for Cotton Candy is brilliantly shot, perfectly capturing the essence of the song, with colourful outfits as well as big attitude from Dom himself

This release came just before the announcement of the “Intimate as Fuck” tour, which is a reprise of tours he has done in the past – limited tickets in small, intimate venues or pubs in British cities. The tour will be comprised of his new album, plus past big hits, stripped back as an acoustic punk show with his massive energy. Tickets are on sale now, and come through the purchase of the new album, Weird!, which can be bought as a cd, Vinyl or Cassette.

Weird! promises to be more uplifting thank the past albums, a reflection of the journey that he has been on as a musician, and how this has helped him cope with his mental health better. Its a nice reminder that not all Rock or Alternative music has to be sad or angry.

Written by Mars Smith

Mystery Surrounds New Band, Nearly Skulls’ Identity – Single ‘Dots’ out now

Meet Nearly Skulls, a rock-band driven by real music and physical media who are ferociously protective of their true identities.

The thrilling trio instead present themselves as skulls, leaving only mystery in regards to who they really are. Announcing their arrival with Dots, whose chorus “I’m a dot; you’re a dot; we’re just dots”, offers little in the way of clues but much in terms of musical muscle and a stunning ability to conjure up dazzling melodies. Expect at least some of the dots to be joined together by the time their debut album, Bucket Listening, is released on 30th July. 

Watch the Video for Dots here:

The band ensues The Who-Esque choruses; U2 dynamics and casual nods to genres as seemingly disparate as prog, glam, and metal showing off their deep knowledge of music and mastery of their instruments.

Based in Manchester and with a previously successful US tour in a former incarnation the masked band let the music do the talking.

Masked Supergroup? Twisted teenagers? Dangerous pensioners? Nearly Skulls might remain anonymous for now but their debut track, Dots, is the indie rock launchpad which promises a summer of hits…no bones about it.






For more information, please contact or call 01223 844 440

Don’t Shut Up says Millie When Mental Health issues Are at Stake

Everybody is talking about Millie and The Shut Up, no I mean everybody , just have a look at who is raving .

“There’s just so much spirit in that band… and she has such a great voice as well!” – Alex Baker, Kerrang Radio

“She’s got an incredible voice” – John Kennedy, Radio X



“I love it. REFRESHING. What a way to start my day” – Lynval Golding, The Specials

Now we insist you rave by checking out all the links and telling your friends or if you have no friends tell your enemies as the things they are singing about are crucial we feel .

Silent Screams







And whilst we have your attention let us be really nerdy and even spotlight what the Shut Ups do as we know you love this kind of thing, next thing you know you’ll have a poster on ya wall .

Millie Manders: Vox/Ukulele/Saxophone

Alessandro Vitiello: Drums

James Pendle: Guitars

Georgina Boreham: Bass

Dominic Walker: Sax/Trumpet/Synths

Ok well got to get on so that’s a brief , say hi to Millie piece , as we know most of you are short on time as you have to head out to a gig……ah ok….well now we recall you have a lot of time on your hands here is a bit more information but only coz we love you and we love Millie and the gang . Based in both London and Norwich, Millie Manders & The Shutup create cross-genre punk that is hard to ignore. With lyricism that pokes fun, draws you in or leaves you questioning social norms teamed with incredible vocal dexterity, grinding guitars, irresistible horn hooks and a pumping rhythm section, the Millie Manders Music Machine churns out more raw punk fusion than you can shake a stick at, with a huge amount of pop appeal. Released ahead of the hugely anticipated album, Telling Truths, Breaking Ties, Silent Screams is the song Millie Manders & The Shutup have always seemed destined to release. A delirious mix of punk, ska, pop and dagger-sharp lyrics, it sees Millie Manders and the Shutup as one of the UK’s most exciting acts. At a time when fear and the unknown seems rife in the world, Silent Screams is a message to those feeling at their lowest that there is always hope.

Although it features many of the hooks, riffs and sheer power that fans have come to expect from Millie Manders & the Shutup, it is Silent Screams’ lyrical contact which really hits home hard. Dealing with suicidal thoughts and the feeling of being trapped, Silent Screams is typical of a band whose commitment to social justice is as ingrained in them as their love of music. With both Millie and George in the band constantly battling against mental health issues, there’s a truth and poignancy to the track which magnifies the song’s power immensely. Silent Screams feels destined to become an anthem for those feeling imprisoned by their own thoughts.

Glossii hit out with their new groovy, gritty anthem ‘Jank’

‘Glossii are a young four piece who are set to get your tongues wagging with their thrilling indie punk pop sound. Marrying the highlights of the last four decades of music into one sound explosion, Jank is about to be your new favourite song’ – Music News 

Glossii is a four piece rock/post punk band created around South London in early 2017 by Charlie Lock and Guitarist Lewis Smith, along with vocalist Sofia Zanghirella and latest joining member, drummer Reuben Rost.

Glossii’s hard-hitting riffs and bursts of aggression create the ubiquitous back-beat for Sofia’s femme-fatale lyrical insight- reminiscent of other bands such as Wolf Alice and Garbage with a detection and a nod to the original allure of Blondie

2018 was an impressive debut year for the band, performing at Camden Rocks Festival on the Doc Martens stage, supporting HMLTD in Guildford and releasing their debut single: ‘Headache’, which has received significant support from Diva, DIY, Neon Music alongside radio support from BBC Introducing, iHeartRadio & Amazing Radio – as well as clocking up 20,000 streams on Spotify. Not bad for an fully independent band still in their mid-teens and managed by the equally young Star Hannan.

The band have a mini tour scheduled in April, where tickets are still available:

4th April The Black Heart – London
10th April The Pipeline –  Brighton
12th April The Basement (The Sussex Arms) – Tunbridge Wells



Outrageous US psychedelic prog-punk party animals Wartoad thought that there was no better way to promote their UK tour than having a dig at the masters of dad rock, Pink Floyd, by importing a huge imitation of the legendary band’s inflatable pink pig. Yet it seems that the Floyd may have had the last laugh as Wartoad’s attempt to ham-bush the headlines ahead of their UK tour has turned into more of a ‘crackling’ story than any of them would have bargained for, almost jeopardising the tour in the process.

Guitarist Butch Dante explains that ‘’Pagan blessings are de rigeur with all livestock and right in line with the band’s belief system’’, and having broken the piggy-bank to fly their pen-pal over from China, the band had the effigy blessed by a druid priest amidst a stone circle in the English Countryside in a bid to exorcise their misfortune.

‘’The idea was to haul the inflatable pig across the UK on top of our tour bus, inflating it at each venue as a symbol of good versus evil, but it seemed to have other ideas. Not only was it late in arriving, but then on inflating, it nearly knocked one of the band unconscious, and then when attached to the bus it slipped its moorings and flew across a field. When they finally attached it to the tour bus it actually pulled off the van bumper, and the final straw was when we were packing it away it seemed to be giving off a very obnoxious smell. So there was nothing left for us to do we felt than to get one of our druid mates to bless it and hopefully end the curse of the porker.’’

 Wartoad’s UK tour sees them performing at the best punk and indie venues in the nation throughout October.