Ryan Soanes proves Pop-Punk’s not fizzled out with his single ‘Call My Name’

Ellen Oakley

Featured on his latest album drop, ‘The Journey’ (March 8th), Ryan Soanes elevates nostalgic 2000’s pop-punk with the highlight track ‘Call My Name’. Surrounded by ten songs that call back to emo and pop-punk nuances without feeling tired or out of place in the year 2021, the whole album is delightfully alternative and ‘Call My Name’ is a summation of everything the album does well.

Accompanied by a sleek and atmospheric lyric video, ‘Call My Name’ is indulgent. Using synths to create a melancholic tale of regret and longing, what could have been a simple pop-punk love song takes on a whole new tone, allowing typical instruments to adopt a subtle role in the backing and Soanes’ vocals to take centre stage. The track is an authentic experience; avoiding coming across as potentially whiney, the genuine emotion in the vocal performance is palpable and adds impact to lyrics calling out to a lost love. Lyrically powerful and musically raw, Soanes conveys an experience many can and do face in a way that is utterly accessible without cheapening the narrative.

“The song was originally written years ago before I even released music, it was written as a love song to a girl I was dating at the time, however, in recent times when I decided to rework the song, I had broken up with the girl… this gave the song a whole new meaning and vibe completely…” – Ryan Soanes

‘The Journey’ as a whole is an album rife with emotive imagery and catchy hooks, perfect for the genres it takes inspiration from whilst also raising money for the charitable cause Samaritans. It’s often music in the overarching alternative genre provides solace for the struggling, many using the lyrics to express and fight against issues that they cannot put a name to. So to see that this perfectly apt addition to the roster of albums available also supports people by helping fund an organisation that could help in the real world, outside of music, is not only heartwarming, but feels appropriate.

Overall, ‘Call My Name’ is a track that doesn’t just highlight Soanes’ talent but shows off the best things about the album in a snapshot that can be shouted at the top of the listener’s lungs.

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Pentral show how to do concept rock right with upcoming single ‘Silent Trees’

In honour of their anticipated album dropping early May, Pentral have released ‘Silent Trees’ to wet the appetite of any avid lovers of heavy riffs and percussion that you can feel in your chest. The track, which was released on March 5th, is a cacophony of ethereal harmonies, progressive driving beats and powerful lead vocals. Reminiscent of classic metal, with steady pacing and a focus on a lilting vocal performance, ‘Silent Trees’ balances compelling storytelling and dynamic musicality effortlessly.

The trio has created an excellent look into the upcoming album, one that stands as a call to arms for humanity against discrimination in a way that is not only accessible but a brilliant listening experience too. ‘Silent Trees’ is epic in its sound whilst it remains grounded due to its pacing, simple yet effective with a grandiose tone. With an accompanying music video that matches the song’s raw essence, the track is punchy with a lot of heart, further shown through the chosen topics and lyricism.

The album was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic and it was a huge challenge wearing face masks almost every time. There was tension and fear among the musicians and engineers of getting infected. Besides that, the songs are not “straight”. Pentral uses a lot of uncommon and odd time signatures and harmonies, so it was pretty hard to record the final version of the tracks. Atmosphere, harmony, melody, groove and a strong message to make people think. For the band, this is what music is all about.” – Victor Lima (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars)

With clear influences from the band’s Brazillian roots and an evident passion that oozes through each note, ‘Silent Trees’ promises that ‘What Lies Ahead of Us’ (dropping May 7th) will be a vivid listening experience. Filled with soul, forcefulness and a fight that has been missing in the current music scene, it is not to be missed.

Keep up to date with Pentral here:

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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YUNGBLUD’s New Single and Tour Announcement Here Now!

YUNGBLUD simply cannot stop treating his fans this year, releasing three new singles, two new collabs with musical giants Machine Gun Kelly (featuring on the deluxe side of his new album) and Bring Me The Horizon, a remix of his single with marshmallow AND Music videos to compliment these tracks. Its clear why he is a front runner in todays music, mixing genres of pop, rock, punk and electro-pop into a rebellious tune to fuel todays kids to be themselves and love everyone’s flaws.

The latest release – Cotton Candy – steers off topic from his usual lyrical themes, bringing themes of romance and sexual liberation. With a heavy, funky bassline that reminds us of the iconic Tame Impala riffs and a bouncy pop melody, mixed with the vocal talent, the latest release is an earworm that just grows and grows on you until you find yourself hitting that repeat button.

As more and more hybrid-rock musicians release their experimental records, we are reminded what the true meaning of Rock ‘n Roll is – Self expression and individuality. More and more alternative musicians are pushing these boundaries, with Palaye Royale and Machine Gun Kelly joining in on the smashing of gender stereotypes within fashion

The music video for Cotton Candy is brilliantly shot, perfectly capturing the essence of the song, with colourful outfits as well as big attitude from Dom himself

This release came just before the announcement of the “Intimate as Fuck” tour, which is a reprise of tours he has done in the past – limited tickets in small, intimate venues or pubs in British cities. The tour will be comprised of his new album, plus past big hits, stripped back as an acoustic punk show with his massive energy. Tickets are on sale now, and come through the purchase of the new album, Weird!, which can be bought as a cd, Vinyl or Cassette.

Weird! promises to be more uplifting thank the past albums, a reflection of the journey that he has been on as a musician, and how this has helped him cope with his mental health better. Its a nice reminder that not all Rock or Alternative music has to be sad or angry.

Written by Mars Smith

Bull Funk Zoo release unruly second album ‘Dangerous Radio’

bfz_logoBull Funk Zoo are on the rampage, releasing their raw and uncompromising album ‘Dangerous Radio’. It is a rollercoaster ride of rock, funk, blues, sex and the news. All whilst tipping his hat to the masters of the Rock trade such as Jimi Hendrix, Rage Against The Machine and The Sex Pistols.

Bull Funk Zoo’s debut album was recorded in 2013 and got the highest ratings for an unsigned band’s record by Rolling Stone. In the Middle East, he has made a name for himself, playing in front of up to 30,000 people at concerts, supporting the likes of Sting, Sade, Timbaland and others. Bull Funk Zoo is continuously working on new material, videos and other creative endeavours. He says: “Creativity is my drug of choice, it has got me in a vice.”

All music on the album was composed, produced & performed (Vox, Guitars, Bass, Drums) by Assaad Lakkis a.k.a. Bull Funk Zoo and Mixed & mastered by Bull Funk Zoo.

A track that stood out for me, is ‘Losing Control’ the track actually starts off as what’s known to me as my phone alarm, it made me laugh, it then goes into heavy guitars and deep vocals, it’s fairly heavy and reminds me of my old housemate who used to blast out rock and heavy metal – All good memories, I mean, rock and heavy metal aren’t really my thing but, ‘Losing Control’ really stood out for me and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.

Check out ‘Losing Control’ below:

Also be sure to check out the rest of the album.

Mechanical Man – Album Review


When Classic Rock meets Metal in Russia the outcome is far from boring – Mechanical Man’s self-titled debut album is a cracking example of what Metal Rock can be when five people decide to shake things up a bit a put some experimental fervour into their tracks.

The band is mingling hardcore guitar riffs with a blazing vocal energy and, oddly, manages to perfectly marry that with a little ragtime-influenced  piano prelude in the first song on the album called (guess what?) ‘Mechanical Man’. There’s no point in mentioning any particular favourites in this album as the record is a masterpiece from beginning to end and I strongly advice to listen to it as a whole. Mechanical Man is a band to watch out for!