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The sound of Grief and gratitude. Rasha Jay’s Spine-Chilling new single “Backbone”.

Rasha Jay Press-Release

At her musical essence, New Jersey singer-songwriter Rasha Jay encapsulates cross-genre soul-rock sentiments, setting her aside from the pack. Rasha Jay is due to release her latest and more emotive single, ‘Backbone’ on May 28th. Written during Feb 2020, just before a year like no other, Rasha describes the inspiration behind the newest single:

“I wrote this song in February 2020, ahead of a tumultuous year that we didn’t expect here in the US or in the world. I wrote it after hearing about my last uncle passing away on January 1st. I came home and went right to my keyboard and just started talking, then singing, then crying…and what came out of that was not just sadness and grief, but gratitude. My aunt passed away 30 days after him. Again, grief with gratitude. I felt honored to know them, to love them. That’s what Backbone is about–the visuals, the feelings, the notion of recognizing you are what you are because of a connection”.

Rasha Jay, 2021/Press-Release

The song itself is powerful and poignant, with the achingly soulful vocals of Rasha layered within the trip-hop, Portishead-Esque instrumental. The guitar’s melody echoes throughout, forcing your head to bop to the beat, luring you into forgetting the pain behind the lyricism. ‘Backbone’ is stripped down, allowing us to focus on only Rasha Jay’s stunning vocals, which were Rasha’s first vocal take. ‘Backbone’ is a raw and honest track that feels in-depth compared to the superficiality of some pop songs; it feels as if we are reading a diary entry from Rasha, able to empathise with Rasha’s trauma while simultaneously enjoying the musicalisation of the unrestrained vehemence.

Rasha Jay has grown up in the small town of Owings, Maryland, and is exemplary that no matter who you are or where you are from, you can and should make music for self-expression. ‘Backbone’ is out on all streaming platforms on May 28th, and you can hear and see more of Rasha Jay through her socials which are linked below.

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Written by Ella Heaton.

In Signs are knocking at your door with their new single

In Signs boast the latest melodic rock sound coming all the way from Kyiv, Ukraine. The three-piece band bring with them an immense new single that builds and builds until you are about to explode – and you want to do it all over again!

Introducing the rock track you never knew you needed, ‘Knock Knock’ is the first of several new songs from the trio, hoping to inspire new and old listeners and show the world that In Signs really mean business.

You can watch the brand new lyric video down below!

Combining something old and faithful with a twist of something new, atop influences from their Slavic upbringing, the new single really sets in stone what In Signs are about, simply through one song. The harsh, constricted vocals convey emotion that is only heightened by the incredible melody from the rest of the band.

It’s so important to be true with people who listen to your music and this is our main goal. There are a lot of artists nowadays but not all of them are doing art. We want to prove that music is not about money, it’s about the passion of your life. I’m a closed person and making music and writing lyrics is a perfect way for me to communicate with people. I become a songwriter by chance. I didn’t want to be a musician, it just came up after my first tattoo which is Metallica’s song title ‘Nothing Else Matters’. It’s such a great pleasure to play live some songs which I created from the very beginning. There are a lot of ways to create music but all our songs start from an acoustic guitar and vocals. ”

– Arsen, frontman of In Signs.

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Kyra Jinx: Lincoln’s Answer to R&B

Lincolnshire’s R&B Kyra Jinx sets out to be the summers hottest star. Influenced by artists such as, Stormzy, Paramore and Chunkz, Kyra is definitely what the UK needs this summer.

You can listen to her forthcoming single, 1 of 1 here

Kyras passion for music started when she graduated from learning the guitar to then working with Patrick Osei at Hot Money Studios, which helps her escape the stresses of life. 

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Daggers: A knife in the dark from Dead Days debut EP ‘All Your Lies’.

band pic 16Grunge meets metal-core in Dead Days ‘Daggers’ and the results are clear, fresh and undeniably catchy. Heavy, chugging guitars hold down and define the mood of the song right from the get go giving Travis Marc’s vocals the solid foundation and space they need to really shine through, and shine through they do. Constantly on the verge of breaking, Travis manages to be subtle and nuanced with texture and style whilst still retaining a strength and passion that comes across as true, authentic and frothing with the bitter sweet energy of youth. His range is also impressive, delivering the chorus with a smooth, anthemic tone before spitting “take them from me” right at you.

The bands solid craftsmanship doesn’t stop there though as the lead guitar work is thoughtful and well placed, showing a real respect for the craft. This culminates in a solo that brings to mind the virtuoso work of Avenged Sevenfold guitarists Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance. It’s dual guitar and pinch harmonic galore!

The influence of the 90s is clear here also with a sound reminiscent of grunge greats such as Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. However, what makes Dead Days special is how they’ve reinvigorated this sound and style with an energy that is fresh and relevant today. Taking lessons from some of the more melodic metal and pop punk bands of the 2000s such as A Day To Remember and New Found Glory,  Dead Days have perfectly captured the energy and the attitude of Grunge and cleverly made it their own.

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Whiskey fuelled garage-rockers Albino distill Doors influenced folk-rock sound with new single ‘Belinda’

Albino 6

Labelling themselves as ‘London’s greatest alcoholic garage rock band (probably)’, four piece folk-rock band Albino are on the road to releasing their latest album, Night At The Chemist, from which their new retro-infused single, ‘Belinda’, is taken.

Encapsulating a throwback, vintage rock sound, embellished with handfuls of country and sprinklings of americana (plus a good swig of whiskey), it’s the kind of musical recipe that would make Johnny Cash proud, but would equally strike a note with fans of Tom Waits, The Animals, The Doors and children of the 60’s ‘flower-power’ generation.

Consisting of Ben Tucker (guitar/vocals), Merv ‘Fuzzy’ Salole (Bass), Gareth ‘gwEM’ Morris (guitar) and Don Gibson (percussion), Albino’s sole aim is to entertain with their rambunctious, often humorous ‘drinking’ music. As the main songwriter in the outfit, Ben is the driving inspirational force, tapping into a deep well of life experiences that draw on topics as diverse as love, deviancy, distrust of priests, historical events and of course, drinking.

Albino 4

Since their inception in 2005, Albino has undergone a musical metamorphosis, travelling a long way from their humble beginnings, but now, the off-the-wall band has cemented their style and truly found their own sound. Whilst Albino’s eclectic and multi-talented musical line up has changed over the years, their musical direction, commitment and energy has always remained constant.

As the band have stated: ‘We may not change the world with our music, but we’ll definitely leave a scar.’

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Electronic rock group Everything Under release single ‘Happy Matters’

Electronic rock group Everything Under (EU) released their latest single ‘Happy Matters’ accompanied by a psychedelic music video. The track taken from their upcoming album ‘Where Have the Kids Gone at Night’ has poetic lyrics and charming melodies controlling it.

EU consists of frontman Mark J. Heidecke, producer/sound engineer Jeff Lane and drummer Kevin T. Jones. The fresh but raw sound was formed by the world renowned Bernie Grundman who remastered it.

Watch the music video for ‘Happy Matters’ here:


Nostalgic of the 50s and 60s, Cado Releases His ‘Take Me Back’ EP

Having been born half a century too late in 1990, Cado is a modern rock and roll artist with an obsession for music of the past! After stealing a Beatles album from a record shop aged 10, he was inspired to make music that will make people smile, dance and enjoy themselves!

Listen to/download the EP here:

Cado, who grew up in County Kildare, Ireland, was mesmerised at an early age by the sound of The Beatles and Chuck Berry and from then commenced a lifelong obsession with music!

The multi instrumentalist has toured the UK and Ireland with The Shades and in early 2016 he began recording a collection of songs inspired by the music he adores. The singer-songwriter takes a completely DIY approach, self recording and mixing everything in his home studio. Every instrument on the EP was performed by him allowing him make music that he truly loves.

The retro sounding EP has strong nods towards classic artists such as Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. The EP is out TOMORROW the 12 of August


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Rumoured release date for new Metallica album

German magazine Bild have announced that thrash metal legends Metallica will be releasing a new album October 14th. Neither the band or their management have confirmed anything but given frontman James Hetfield has already rumoured it will be dropping this Autumn it makes sense.

More details here at Metal Injection: