YUNGBLUD Asks “Is There Any Life On Mars?” In Emotional New Video

Yungblud announces huge 'Life On Mars' 2021 UK tour

November 26th saw YUNGBLUD’s 7th single release this year, bringing us an emotionally charged song mars, telling the story of a young trans woman fighting to be who she truly is, and spreading the message of self-identity and fighting for what is right. The song comes quickly after previous release Cotton Candy, which received a hugely positive reaction from fans and new listeners alike.

The video quickly followed, dropping 5pm yesterday. You can watch Below:

mars comes as one of the featured songs on the Weird!, which is releasing at the later date of December 4th, after being pushed back due to the delay in production of the Vinyl versions of the album.

YUNGBLUD has been teasing the content of this album, redesigning his style in a more liberating lyrical style with charged messages, as per for any of his releases. Earlier this year, he described the new album as “Inspired by Bowie”, the latest video clearly nodding its head towards the late performer.

I was lucky enough to get in touch with Jenna (Middle Bottom of the picture below), one of the featured actors in the music video, to ask about what the song means to her, the filming process and what it was like working with YUNGBLUD on set.

lyla 🍓👽's tweet - "the passion, the beauty, the emotion 🥺 @yungblud this  song and video is so powerful! we love you so so much, thank you for this  incredible song called “

“The song to me means reaching out to each other. From the moment I read the lyrics I felt it was about the story of a young trans woman who has been through a hell of a fight to be who she knows she is, and this can connect with everyone in one way or another. Fighting for yourself and what you deserve, fighting for what you know others deserve and, in this case, ultimately prevailing with Bright coloured lipstick and a tougher skin. Support each other, love each other!

“And the filming process was an absolute joy! Dom was so clear with what he wanted and that he wanted us to be OURSELVES. And you can see this in the video when everyone has a slightly different take on the fight. I felt completely supported and encouraged and most of the filming was done in one or two takes as it was made so clear what we were asked to portray.”

Keeping this year busy with announcements, we are blessed with three different tours over the next year, firstly with the Weird Time Of Life tour, an online event which sees both old and brand new songs performed in a location specific livestream, which is currently ongoing. Concert-goers can buy tickets for any location across the world, talk with fellow fans and be introduced to new bands through the support acts. You can still buy tickets here, with the run ongoing until the 7th December. The next announcement is the Intimate As F*CK, shows brought to fans in tiny venues across smaller cities in April and May of next year. Unfortunately these tickets have already sold out due to high demand! But if you still would really like that live event to see the new album releases in person, the Life On Mars tour is taking place late 2021. You can view dates and tickets here.

With the United Kingdom slowly coming out of national lockdown after the Coronavirus Pandemic slows, we as listeners can only hope with baited breath that these concerts can still go ahead, and it not, we hope a plethora of new music can come instead.

Written By Mars Smith

Doja Cat Storms the EMAs With A Rock Rendition of Say So

Doja Cat Rocks Out With 'Say So' at 2020 MTV EMAs | Billboard

This years EMAs were a little bit unconventional – just like pretty much everything in 2020 – but that didn’t stop our musicians. In fact, it forced many of them to explore avenues yet undiscovered. Doja Cat shocked everyone when she performed her hit single, Say So, which was pretty much unrecognizable, giving it an insane glam rock makeover and proving she is here to stay. Its becoming more and more clear that 2020 is the year that Rock comes back, with artists such as Machine Gun Kelly and Miley Cyrus letting their Rockstar personas out.

Reminiscent of 2000’s Evanescense, the composition is a far cry from the usual pop-R&B. The set was transformed into a grungy nightmare forest, with Doja’s dress torn to shreds, and a band of wolf-like people shredding on their guitars. Accompanied with Doja really getting into her role as a Rock star, rolling across the floor and belting out the high notes, we were given a performance to go down in history.

However amazing this is, it isn’t surprising. Doja is known for mixing up tracks, especially after she did a Broadway Tribute at the BBMAs last month, and a space age funked up remix version of Say So at the VMAs in August. Any fan will know that Doja rose to fame after creating accapella tracks on her phone about random subjects – like french fries – and with a taste of the weird and wonderful, experimentation is usually in the works for anything that Doja creates.

Doja’s has an incredible voice, and many people would say that rap and Rock are very different stylistically, which puts questions out that perhaps she will delve into something a little more heavy. And were here for it.

Written By Mars Smith

Vanderocker’s New EP ‘The Good Punk’ is a Love Letter to the Human Race

Indie-punk Maverick Vanderocker returns with a brand new EP – The Good Punk – a 5 track journey, bringing us a brilliant mix of punk, indie and psychedelia in this experimental EP.

Soon to be turned into a short film, the short album touches on themes of sex, voyeurism and confirms Vanderocker’s place in the alternative music scene.

Vanderocker is an indie music project lead by Adrienne Vanderocker, an LA based performance artist who comes from a family of Dutch-American classical musicians. Boasting a huge amount of talent, Adrienne composed the EP, playing guitar, bass and synth on the record. Together with the producing skills of Brandon Eggleston and several noteworthy guest artists such as Federico Pol Jr (Joe Cocker), Peter Holmström (The Dandy Warhols, PIA), and Brendan Bond (Black Pumas), the EP was born.

Vanderocker have continued to soundtrack an eccentric and dreamlike view of the world, best described by Adrienne herself: 

“In my mind, it’s a basic study of humans on different levels, almost from an Alien National Geographic kind of perspective. ‘Here is Earth, a most beautiful place and here are the alluring creatures who call themselves human beings. Let’s observe them when they are just in their bodies. Now look how they change when they interact with other groups’ – like a typical lab observation, right? Which is interesting in itself; but then of course, we have to look at how amazingly powerful humans can be when they disengage from the drama and plug into something bigger than themselves. I find comfort in all of it, when I can step back and observe us the way a newcomer might.”

In the early stages of their music, Vanderocker worked more with classic rock and electronica, but through experimentation and collaboration, the sound has become more polished, honing in on the perfect hybrid genre, including trip-hop, avant garde, roadhouse blues and indie pop.

Vanderocker have continued to push musical boundaries, working with Phil Ek (Modest Mouse; Built to Spill) on single, Dear Future Self in August 2020 and appearing on the soundtrack to the PS4/XBox One/PC game, Beyond Blue. Tying all of the music together and encapsulating the Vanderocker journey, the short film, Cult for You, will be a 1920s-esque erotic flick, with shooting beginning this November.

The Good Punk is due to be released on the 13th November, and the track list goes as follows:

Cult For you opens with punchy, punk guitar that lead the track, accompanied by haunting and sensual vocals. As the harmonies layer, the track becomes more intense, leaving the listener in their own imagination.

Earthly pleasure. Birthright. A pure journey of the flesh. The most basic, primal experiential potential of having a human body. You can get off and go about your day unaffected, or you can reach other dimensions, use sex as medicine and heal yourself and/or your other, or connect to pure God essence, just by knowing how to use your body as a vessel. Sex is a portal. I like the duality there is in sex and the sensual worlds alone- the drama, the meaning, the purpose all begins in our heads and then trickles through our bodies to be expressed and manifested.”

Endless city leads with a heavy bassline, introducing the other instruments that layer upon each other. It really gives you a nostalgic feeling of walking through an empty city at night, feeling empowered but intrigued by the mystery around you.

 “Now we take the human experience out of the singular and look at it from about 50 yards away, for instance, watching small groups interact in our favourite petri dish – a city at night. This environment is a prime setting for getting the extreme highs and polar opposite lows out of people, often within the same experience. We follow our subject, seemingly feminine, through the streets where she bears witness to all of it. People’s faces become lock boxes for sins, secrets, or resilience, or heroism, and they also become the most open, revealing, expressions of themselves on the flip of a dime. There is also the idea that a city at night is also where you have the easiest access to mind altering substances, either through drugs, or euphoric divination – and seeing how the two paths can have their similarities is interesting to me. The two paths can look the same but feel and affect one in polar opposite ways. Of course, all these experiences lead to the same goal- wanting to feel loved, and oh the trouble humans go through to achieve this feeling.  From an outside perspective, it would make you deeply curious what the fuss is about.”

Taking Notes boasts a more avant-garde feel to it, bringing in more electronic and psych vibes. The layering of the voices with whispers really gives a trippy feel to the track. Sit back and close your eyes, you’re in for a journey with this one. This is also included as a bonus track instrumental, which is simply incredible and really give the instruments their spotlight.

This is the most avant-garde piece on the EP. Establishing a deep funky groove as a setting for a narrative on the human experience and how we have to go through all this strange and often painful play to be able to tap into the higher experience and of course, our true potential. I was setting up a kind of 70’s vibe as the foundation and Pete ended up putting some really cool guitar work, creating this brilliant soundscape over the piece. In case anyone wanted to enjoy this piece without the narrative, we included a bonus instrumental on the EP.”

Supercell really brings the punk into this EP, with its message about waking up, coming together and “opening the eyes of the human race”. It is a brilliant final track to the EP, especially considering what society has been through this year.

 “This track takes a look at how powerful humans are when they come together for a cause .Of course, it particularly speaks to all the unrest and upset around the massive corruption and ongoing systemic racism. When I was writing Supercell I was just thinking about that superpower gene that kicks in when change happens. I wrote it thinking about it in that context and then learned what a Supercell actually is- a Supercell is the mother of all storms. It couldn’t have been more perfect.” 

Keep an eye on Vanderocker’s social media accounts for the release of this fantastic and thought-provoking EP.






Check out some more new artists here:

Listen to the Quite Great Radio Show here:

Written by Mars Smith

Pop-Punk Makes a Modern Comeback Through Tik Tok Star jxdn

jxdn - So What! (Official Video) - YouTube

2020 seems to be the year that pop punk makes a comeback, with artists like Machine Gun Kelly Changing up their usual style for a Punk album, YUNGBLUD absolutely smashing up the charts, and Miley Cyrus finally showing us how incredibly powerful her rock vocals are. Introducing jxdn to the ever-growing list of new pop punk and rock fusion music. With the energy of pop punk and rock combined with trap style beats and rap like spoken word, jxdn brings something fresh and new to the scene.

Have a listen to “Comatose” below

The new release, featuring iann dior, really pushes the fusion side of his style, heavily lead by the trap style hi-hats, and bringing in that classic Pop-punk sound that we are all so reminiscent of during the chorus, it really makes you nostalgic of the 00s pop punk whilst keeping that modern twist.

With only 5 singles under his belt, were all sitting with baited breath to see what else jxdn will being to the scene, especially as a relatively new artist. Originally an internet personality on the platform Tik Tok before being picked up by Fueled By Ramen, the Texan has a bright future ahead, generating 15 million streams in the first month of his release alone.

jxdn tells of his story with battling depression after moving from Texas to Tennessee at age 14, facing two suicide attempts before finding peace in music through the late Juice WRLD, before being taken under the wing of rock legend, Travis Barker – movie plot or what? Proving that the plot has a happy ending, jxdn released three successful singles so far – “Comatose”, “Angles and Demons” and “So What”, featuring his mentor Travis and Machine Gun Kelly in the video!

So watch this space, jxdn is ready to pop off into his rock career and to become one of the defining artists in this pop-punk comeback.

Written by Mars Smith

YUNGBLUD’s New Single and Tour Announcement Here Now!

YUNGBLUD simply cannot stop treating his fans this year, releasing three new singles, two new collabs with musical giants Machine Gun Kelly (featuring on the deluxe side of his new album) and Bring Me The Horizon, a remix of his single with marshmallow AND Music videos to compliment these tracks. Its clear why he is a front runner in todays music, mixing genres of pop, rock, punk and electro-pop into a rebellious tune to fuel todays kids to be themselves and love everyone’s flaws.

The latest release – Cotton Candy – steers off topic from his usual lyrical themes, bringing themes of romance and sexual liberation. With a heavy, funky bassline that reminds us of the iconic Tame Impala riffs and a bouncy pop melody, mixed with the vocal talent, the latest release is an earworm that just grows and grows on you until you find yourself hitting that repeat button.

As more and more hybrid-rock musicians release their experimental records, we are reminded what the true meaning of Rock ‘n Roll is – Self expression and individuality. More and more alternative musicians are pushing these boundaries, with Palaye Royale and Machine Gun Kelly joining in on the smashing of gender stereotypes within fashion

The music video for Cotton Candy is brilliantly shot, perfectly capturing the essence of the song, with colourful outfits as well as big attitude from Dom himself

This release came just before the announcement of the “Intimate as Fuck” tour, which is a reprise of tours he has done in the past – limited tickets in small, intimate venues or pubs in British cities. The tour will be comprised of his new album, plus past big hits, stripped back as an acoustic punk show with his massive energy. Tickets are on sale now, and come through the purchase of the new album, Weird!, which can be bought as a cd, Vinyl or Cassette.

Weird! promises to be more uplifting thank the past albums, a reflection of the journey that he has been on as a musician, and how this has helped him cope with his mental health better. Its a nice reminder that not all Rock or Alternative music has to be sad or angry.

Written by Mars Smith

Arctic Monkeys reach one billion YouTube hits for ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ video

As reported on NME

Arctic Monkeys have surpassed one billion views of their video for ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ on YouTube.

Released in June 2013, the single featured on Alex Turner and co’s highly-acclaimed fifth album ‘AM’.

According to Music Week, the Sheffield band reached the one billion milestone – one that fewer than 25 videos have achieved on the site – earlier this month. It’s said that fewer than 12 rock acts have reached the same figure.

At present, the Monkeys have 4.39 million subscribers to their official YouTube channel. The final single and title track from their previous record ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ currently has over 10.8 million hits.

‘Do I Wanna Know’ debuted at Number 11 on the official UK singles chart in 2013 and has sold 1,724,575 copies to date. You can watch the official video above.

Shortly after it was released, the song opened Arctic Monkeys’ headline set at Glastonbury 2013. That performance will air as part of the BBC’s Glastonbury celebration schedule next weekend.

Earlier this year, AM drummer Matt Helders likened performing the group’s older material live to “doing karaoke”. “[It] Feel like a caricature. It doesn’t feel as genuine playing it anymore,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Arctic Monkeys have been rumoured to be making a live return with a huge hometown show next summer. Reports of a show at Sheffield’s Hillsborough Park emerged after promoters SJM gave notice of a license application for three shows in June 2021.

As reported on NME

Watch here!

A Quick Guide to South American Rock

Having spent the last couple of weeks digesting the rattlingly good album from Mexican neo-grunge funksters, Ikkarus. All of which made us think – from a continent so huge, why are there so few successful rock bands?


Well, since they inspired us, where better to start? Their debut album, Stains & Echoes is an immediately arresting collection of songs which have the buzzing, growl of the early 90’s Pacific North-West combined with the bass thump of Red Hot Chili Peppers. The end result is catchy, raucous and both nostalgic and forward-thinking at the same time. Recommended!


Question Mark (also answering to Rudy Martinez) founded his band in 1962 and are still a going concern, largely due to their break-out hit, 96 Tears. Though actually hailing from Michigan, their Latin roots made them one of the first rock bands to have a number one hit in America with a South American heritage (honorable mention to Ritchie Valens).


We could hardly get away with not including Carlos Santana, perhaps the most famous Mexican musician to ever live (certainly to an English-speaking audience). Taking the blues and infusing it with traditional South American music and rock have led him to enjoy a career where he is adopted by new generations of musicians and audiences with each new release.


Brazilian psych legends, Os Mutantes, sprang into life in 1968, well-soaked in dripping technicolour visuals and trippy, Beatles-esque harmonies. They achieved attention decades later when cited by Kurt Cobain as an influence and were rumoured to be lined up as Nirvana’s support band for a tour, that for tragic reasons, never happened.


Formed in the mid-80s in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, it wasn’t until the early 90s that they became one of the most successful metal bands on the planet. Their early death metal sound grew to include more mainstream riffs, punk and Brazilian rhythms. Their 1193 album, Chaos A.D. is still hailed as one of the greatest metal albums of all-time.

“Pass the Hornucopian Dronepipe” – 10 Unusual Instruments in Pop

We’ve been much taken by the new release “In Bloom” by Brit abroad, Julia Mascetti, whose career as a freelance harpist has seen her perform not only her own songs in her adopted home of Tokyo but also video game themes and metal covers.

Here she is playing some Cradle of Filth:

Do you know what’s missing in the world? Peace? Love? Happiness? Fair guesses, but actually, the answer is flugelhorns. Our new hero Johann Sebastian Punk subscribes to our mindset entirely – we aren’t sure if there’s definitely one on this track but have a watch anyway.

There’s something strangely affecting about creaky old electronic keyboards and, for all the love mellotrons get, we’re very fond of an optigan, as was the much-missed Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse

The first and only time we will be sanctioning the use of bagpipes – blessed AC/DC and It’s a Long Way to the Top:

What’s that weird piece of forest litter Reg plays on “Wild Thing”? It’s an ocarina, innit!

For all Jimi’s outrageous talent on the guitar, would “Crosstown Traffic” be half the song with the kazoo?

Including Tom is a bit of a cheat really – nearly every track of his latter-day career has featured him bashing everything from bones to spice racks, but here’s a gem with some lovely bowed saw

There are a surprising number of glass instruments available, all of which have an utterly unearthly sound quite unlike anything else. Behold the glass harmonica on Pink Floyd‘s Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Throw your hats in the air for the band who based their entire career on their unusual instrument of choice. Roky Erickson’s 13th Floor Elevators use of the electric jug has never been matched

We weren’t 100% certain what a fully-fledged koto was, never mind a toy one but it can rarely have been used in a more epic setting than Queen‘s “Prophet’s Song”.

The xx confirm details of third album ‘I See You’

After continuous rumours, The xx have finally confirmed the details of their third album ‘I See You’. The 10 track album set to be released 13th January was recorded in New York, Los Angeles, Reykjavik, London and Marfa, Texas. The details emerged via Shazam  where the 10 track titles and album title were posted.

The tracklisting is:

1. Dangerous
2. Say Something Loving
3. Lips
4. A Violent Noise
5. Performance
6. Replica
7. Brave for You
8. On Hold
9. I Dare You
10. Test Me

Single ‘On Hold’ has been released for immediate availability, building the hype around the upcoming album.

Listen to ‘On Hold’ here:

New infectious pop song ‘This Is What You Get’ from Linah Is


Dance-pop diva Linah Is is our current guilty pleasure here on Devil Horns. A DIY artist, she writes, produces and performs all her own stuff. Her new single ‘This is What You Get’ is ridiculous amount of catchiness, set to some bouncy pianos and groovy bass.

On top of her fun sound, she has a unique image – a crazy hairdo that’s sure to set her apart from her contemporaries. She’s an exciting singer with the world at her feet.

Give the track a listen below:


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