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The sound of Grief and gratitude. Rasha Jay’s Spine-Chilling new single “Backbone”.

Rasha Jay Press-Release

At her musical essence, New Jersey singer-songwriter Rasha Jay encapsulates cross-genre soul-rock sentiments, setting her aside from the pack. Rasha Jay is due to release her latest and more emotive single, ‘Backbone’ on May 28th. Written during Feb 2020, just before a year like no other, Rasha describes the inspiration behind the newest single:

“I wrote this song in February 2020, ahead of a tumultuous year that we didn’t expect here in the US or in the world. I wrote it after hearing about my last uncle passing away on January 1st. I came home and went right to my keyboard and just started talking, then singing, then crying…and what came out of that was not just sadness and grief, but gratitude. My aunt passed away 30 days after him. Again, grief with gratitude. I felt honored to know them, to love them. That’s what Backbone is about–the visuals, the feelings, the notion of recognizing you are what you are because of a connection”.

Rasha Jay, 2021/Press-Release

The song itself is powerful and poignant, with the achingly soulful vocals of Rasha layered within the trip-hop, Portishead-Esque instrumental. The guitar’s melody echoes throughout, forcing your head to bop to the beat, luring you into forgetting the pain behind the lyricism. ‘Backbone’ is stripped down, allowing us to focus on only Rasha Jay’s stunning vocals, which were Rasha’s first vocal take. ‘Backbone’ is a raw and honest track that feels in-depth compared to the superficiality of some pop songs; it feels as if we are reading a diary entry from Rasha, able to empathise with Rasha’s trauma while simultaneously enjoying the musicalisation of the unrestrained vehemence.

Rasha Jay has grown up in the small town of Owings, Maryland, and is exemplary that no matter who you are or where you are from, you can and should make music for self-expression. ‘Backbone’ is out on all streaming platforms on May 28th, and you can hear and see more of Rasha Jay through her socials which are linked below.

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Written by Ella Heaton.

Steady Rollin brings an accordian to the guitar fight in their upcoming single ‘Donde Te Has Metido?’

Ellen Oakley

Dropping May 24th, Steady Rollin is merging blues-rock and the Spanish language seamlessly in their release ‘Donde Te Has Metido?’ (Where Have You Gone?). This will be the El Salvadoran musicians’ first Spanish language track and promises to leave listeners with an earworm of a tune.

As the song kicks in, the trio instantly commands attention with a soft acoustic guitar that steadily builds into a heavier variation. With metal like pacing driving the track forward but letting each beat hit and resonate, ‘Donde Te Has Metido?’ culminates in a sinfully melodic chorus that is equal parts toe-tapping and impactful. The tone is kept on track narratively with equal parts playful energy and emotional performance, weaving the tale of a love like no other that changes a person’s perspective on life, to only lose it when the things fall apart. Whilst the tonal shift is not drastic, it’s enough to switch from upbeat to a sense of longing seamlessly, showing genuine craftsmanship and a sense of musicality whilst avoiding an overdramatic finale that could take listeners out of the experience.

At its core, ‘Donde Te Has Metido?’  is an ode to the classic rock sound of the 70s, with nods to the likes of Cream and The Who. It relies upon traditional rock elements, which are enhanced in its presentation, and the result is a refreshing take on the nuances of the style.

Overall, Steady Rollin enhance established occurrences with the inclusion of a new quirky perspective: see the use of an accordion as a competitor to the standard guitar feature. The inclusion of the Spanish language never causes a barrier due to the palpable talent and sentiment present, making it accessible and a must-listen.

Check Out Steady Rollin here:


Instagram: @steadyrollinband




Youtube: SteadyRollinBand

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The UK Metal Scene comes together to support live music industry jobs made vulnerable due to Covid

Ellen Oakley

Dropping on May 4th, the UK Metal Merger will be gracing the scene with ‘In Solitude’, an empowering track filled with heavy riffs and haunting vocals to show solidarity with all those who have suffered in the live music industry due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The collective of eighteen UK metal musicians was the brainchild of music producer and artist Mark Mynett (Kill II This). It combined the talents from various bands across the country: Cradle Of Filth, My Dying Bride, Iced Earth, Winterfylleth, Kill II This, Xentrix, Divine Chaos, Krysthla and Pythia – all of who collaborated remotely within the lockdown restrictions to bring the project to life. The track itself is a testament to the artists’ talent as it encompasses metal as a genre in a way that makes it accessible to everyone whilst retaining the essence of the style. It is immense and projects nothing but passion both for the music and the cause in question.

The cause’s just giving page:

The live music industry was one of the first to fall victim to the pandemic, making it difficult for artists and putting so many roles at risk or out of work. Not only that but many of those, especially those who are self-employed, will still face difficulty after the world emerges from quarantine due to inconsistent gigs, travelling and having to rebuild and revitalise the scene after it taking such a hit in the past year. Without these people, the roadies, venue staff, sound engineers (to name a few roles) and the live music industry would not be able to exist, so it is imperative that they are supported not only now but also beyond the lockdown. ‘In Solitude’ hopes to raise awareness and funds for the movement, utilising the thing that brings all these indispensable people together – music.

This call to arms is a 12 and a half minute journey through musical excellence that is not only for a good cause but is an example of great ideas executed well. Whether you are a metal fan or not, everyone can show their appreciation and encouragement for the UK Metal Merger Stagehand Crew Relief Fund by sharing the art and donating to the cause. You can also help by checking out Stagehanda registered charity described as “the original live production welfare and benevolent fund”.

Keep all eyes and ears peeled for the single arriving May 4th, and feel free to contribute whatever and whenever you can.

All relevant links:

Direct donations:


The Musicians of UK Metal Merger are:


Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Mark Mynett; Mynetaur Productions

Video Production by Hal Sinden of Eulogy Media;

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Saint is ready to introduce a revolutionary rhythm to the world in the form of his latest EP ‘Lucid’

‘Lucid’ is a raw, catchy and bold debut for UK Hip-hop artist Saint that manages to cram in everything you could want in a five-track EP. With bouncy instrumentals and thought-provoking lyrics that focus on real-world issues, ‘Lucid’ is a satisfying experience.

The EP opens with the punchy track ‘Adrenaline’, which explores the feeling of being able to do anything and everything. It offers a laidback instrumental, allowing the lyrics to steal attention, demonstrating what can be expected later. Throughout the EP, the lyricism is intense, tying each song together with a clean vocal performance and excellent pacing. The following ‘Back Then’ reflects upon growing up and the recklessness of decisions made, whilst commenting about the process of making it on your own. The pacing is sleek and offers a chant worthy chorus that any listener can relate too.

‘Changes’ is a lesson in how your actions can affect others and in believing in yourself and your abilities: a positive message that should not surprise the listener as the EP’s overarching tone is positivity in self. This positivity and the message of self-belief is carried over, especially to ‘Distant Dream’, where it heavily features as a subject.

The EP closes with ‘No More’, arguably the most powerful track featured, discussing matters such as media control, freedom of knowledge and succumbing to things pushed upon you by others. It is a refreshing observation of modern existence and ends ‘Lucid’ on a compelling note.

No More – Lyric Video

Overall, ‘Lucid’ is refreshing and introspective; it keeps listeners engaged with its social commentary made accessible through music. Saint has created a collection of tracks that show depth, intelligence and passion whilst he never loses sight of the EP’s flow and narrative. This thoughtful take on rap should not be missed.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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YUNGBLUD and Machine Gun Kelly in Zombie Apocalypse in New Video

Continuing with the plethora of content from last year, YUNGBLUD treats us all to third collab with rap-turned-pop punk legend Machine Gun Kelly, finally giving us the video that we all have waited so long for.

Mirroring the same vibe as previous video collab I Think I’m OKAY, but with a major apocalyptic twist – zombies are about.

The boys are both reaching the end of a long, heavy night of partying when suddenly zombies strike! But they don’t care, continuing to party and play for the dead, similarly to how they did in the last video, where they performed on a raise platform to adoring fans with their arms in in the air. This time, the “fans” arms are in the air for a different reason – they want their blood!

This video is a quintessential YUNGBLUD and MGK collaboration, with eccentric outfits and makeup, attitude and huge energy. The only thing missing is the two of them being able to be together…perhaps we can hope that by time they come round to filming something for their third collaboration – Bodybag – featured on Machine Gun Kelly’s latest album, things will be different, and the two of them can celebrate and rock out together.

Stream Acting Like That on all major streaming platforms!

Mars Smith

New Sex Pistols Biopic is Coming!

Director Danny Boyle is set to oversee a brand new series biopic based on the Sex Pistol’s guitarist, Steve Jones, called Pistol.

Based on Jones’ 2018 memoir Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol, the limited series has a brilliant cast lined up, including Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams, who will play punk icon Jordan – aka Pamela Rooke – and Babyteeth‘s Toby Wallace as Jones.

Anson Boon (1917) will play John Lydon, Louis Partridge (Enola Homes) will take on Sid Vicious, Jacob Slater stars as Paul Cook and Fabien Frankel (The Serpent) will play Glen Matlock.

The six-part series “moves from West London’s council estates, to Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s notorious Kings Road SEX shop, to the international controversy that came with the release of Never Mind the Bollocks, which is frequently listed as one of the most influential albums of all time.

Photo by Richard Young/REX/Shutterstock (74937l) Sex Pistols – Sid Vicious, John Lydon, Steve Jones and Paul Cook after signing A & M record deal Various – 1977

“Their single ‘God Save the Queen’ was banned by the BBC and reached Number 1 on the UK’s NME chart, but appeared at Number 2 on the Official UK Singles chart, leading to accusations that the song was purposely kept off the top spot,” the description adds. “For the only time in chart history, the track was listed as a blank, to avoid offence to the monarchy.”

Boyle, who serves as director and executive producer, described the Pistols’ breakthrough as “the moment that British society and culture changed forever”

“It is the detonation point for British street culture… where ordinary young people had the stage and vented their fury and their fashion… and everyone had to watch & listen…and everyone feared them or followed them. The Sex Pistols.

“At its center was a young charming illiterate kleptomaniac – a hero for the times – Steve Jones, who became in his own words, the 94th greatest guitarist of all time. This is how he got there,” Boyle added.

Pistol, which has been created by Craig Pearce (The Great Gatsby) and written by Pearce and Frank Cottrell-Boyce (24 Hour Party People), will begin filming on March 7, though no official premiere date has been confirmed yet.

Original Article from NME

YUNGBLUD Asks “Is There Any Life On Mars?” In Emotional New Video

Yungblud announces huge 'Life On Mars' 2021 UK tour

November 26th saw YUNGBLUD’s 7th single release this year, bringing us an emotionally charged song mars, telling the story of a young trans woman fighting to be who she truly is, and spreading the message of self-identity and fighting for what is right. The song comes quickly after previous release Cotton Candy, which received a hugely positive reaction from fans and new listeners alike.

The video quickly followed, dropping 5pm yesterday. You can watch Below:

mars comes as one of the featured songs on the Weird!, which is releasing at the later date of December 4th, after being pushed back due to the delay in production of the Vinyl versions of the album.

YUNGBLUD has been teasing the content of this album, redesigning his style in a more liberating lyrical style with charged messages, as per for any of his releases. Earlier this year, he described the new album as “Inspired by Bowie”, the latest video clearly nodding its head towards the late performer.

I was lucky enough to get in touch with Jenna (Middle Bottom of the picture below), one of the featured actors in the music video, to ask about what the song means to her, the filming process and what it was like working with YUNGBLUD on set.

lyla 🍓👽's tweet - "the passion, the beauty, the emotion 🥺 @yungblud this  song and video is so powerful! we love you so so much, thank you for this  incredible song called “

“The song to me means reaching out to each other. From the moment I read the lyrics I felt it was about the story of a young trans woman who has been through a hell of a fight to be who she knows she is, and this can connect with everyone in one way or another. Fighting for yourself and what you deserve, fighting for what you know others deserve and, in this case, ultimately prevailing with Bright coloured lipstick and a tougher skin. Support each other, love each other!

“And the filming process was an absolute joy! Dom was so clear with what he wanted and that he wanted us to be OURSELVES. And you can see this in the video when everyone has a slightly different take on the fight. I felt completely supported and encouraged and most of the filming was done in one or two takes as it was made so clear what we were asked to portray.”

Keeping this year busy with announcements, we are blessed with three different tours over the next year, firstly with the Weird Time Of Life tour, an online event which sees both old and brand new songs performed in a location specific livestream, which is currently ongoing. Concert-goers can buy tickets for any location across the world, talk with fellow fans and be introduced to new bands through the support acts. You can still buy tickets here, with the run ongoing until the 7th December. The next announcement is the Intimate As F*CK, shows brought to fans in tiny venues across smaller cities in April and May of next year. Unfortunately these tickets have already sold out due to high demand! But if you still would really like that live event to see the new album releases in person, the Life On Mars tour is taking place late 2021. You can view dates and tickets here.

With the United Kingdom slowly coming out of national lockdown after the Coronavirus Pandemic slows, we as listeners can only hope with baited breath that these concerts can still go ahead, and it not, we hope a plethora of new music can come instead.

Written By Mars Smith

IDLES Raffle Off Guitar Amps For #saveourvenues

IDLES new album single

IDLES are set to raffle off one guitar amp in honor of the #SaveOurVenues trust, after The Music Venue Trust highlighted 30 grassroots venues that are still in danger of closure.

After many venues around the UK received their first share of the £1.57Billion Cultural Recovery fund earlier this year, yet many smaller venues did not receive any of the grant.

To support these venues during these tough times, IDLES have put on a raffle consisting of the Hiwatt Guitar Amp used during the Abbey Road “Lock In” Livestreams, and a Hiwatt Guitar Head.

The raffle is only £5 to enter, and each entry is also given a listening code to join a listening party for their most recent live album “Live at Ramsgate Hall”, announced back in June to save the venue.

“We would have been in the middle of gigging season right now, where grassroots music venues and musicians make their bread and butter, they need your support now more than ever.

Grassroots music venues are where music progresses, they are the places where future festival headliners start out, its where the music on the fringes gets an opportunity to grow and turn into popular music of the future, they are places of escapism and to speak to our times, make us think of the world around us. They are our culture.

Our government derides independence in culture and especially the music industry, this short-sighted view of culture and its economy will be all of our undoing’s. Support an independent venue/artist/movement where you can.”

Only 89% of England’s grassroots venues received a share of the grant, meaning that Venues included in the new list of 30 in danger include London venues The Lexington and the Brixton Windmill, The Venue in Derby, The Railway Inn in Winchester, The Gellions in Inverness and The Lantern in Halifax.

Written By Mars Smith

Radiohead Auction Off The Lotus Flower Bowler Hat For Charity

As reported by NME

Radiohead are auctioning off the iconic Lotus Flower Bowler Hat in aid of Cahonas Scotland and Testicular Cancer Education and Awareness.

The hat is being sold on Ebay, with Yorke’s signature and a hand drawn Radiohead Logo, and has 76 bids, currently with the highest bid of £4,700.

You can bid here, and watch the ‘Lotus Flower’ video that made it famous below.

This news comes after the band said that they are “Sure there will be another album” but they “aren’t sure when”

The guitarist told NME back in April that he and the band were having “online meetings” and “talking about stuff”. While he stressed that “for the foreseeable future, everyone is doing their own thing,” O’Brien did add that “when it feels right to plug back into Radiohead, then we will.”

Written by Mars Smith

Foo Fighters Perform New Single on SNL Ahead of Album Release

Dave Chappelle hosted "Saturday Night Live" with musical guest Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters performed their latest single, Shame Shame, on the latest episode of SNL, hosted by Dave Chappelle ahead of the release of their next album, Medicine at Midnight. The album is set to drop February 5th next year. The single was released at the same time as the performance on all music platforms.

“[Shame Shame] kind of stands out on the record,” guitarist Chris Shiflett tells The Brag. “It’s definitely a little different than anything we’ve ever done before and it’s a little bit different than anything else on the record, although the record has a lot of songs that are, you know, groove-based like this one is.”

Their evening of performance also included a rendition of the 2009 hit Times Like These, which became synonymous with the Covid-19 Pandemic after the BBC Radio 1 Stay At Home Live Lounge, which was dubbed the biggest live lounge yet. Take a look at the star studded cover here.

Medicine at Midnight is available to pre-order now, with options including a Smoke Vinyl edition, on the bands website.

Written By Mars Smith