The UK Metal Scene comes together to support live music industry jobs made vulnerable due to Covid

Ellen Oakley

Dropping on May 4th, the UK Metal Merger will be gracing the scene with ‘In Solitude’, an empowering track filled with heavy riffs and haunting vocals to show solidarity with all those who have suffered in the live music industry due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The collective of eighteen UK metal musicians was the brainchild of music producer and artist Mark Mynett (Kill II This). It combined the talents from various bands across the country: Cradle Of Filth, My Dying Bride, Iced Earth, Winterfylleth, Kill II This, Xentrix, Divine Chaos, Krysthla and Pythia – all of who collaborated remotely within the lockdown restrictions to bring the project to life. The track itself is a testament to the artists’ talent as it encompasses metal as a genre in a way that makes it accessible to everyone whilst retaining the essence of the style. It is immense and projects nothing but passion both for the music and the cause in question.

The cause’s just giving page:

The live music industry was one of the first to fall victim to the pandemic, making it difficult for artists and putting so many roles at risk or out of work. Not only that but many of those, especially those who are self-employed, will still face difficulty after the world emerges from quarantine due to inconsistent gigs, travelling and having to rebuild and revitalise the scene after it taking such a hit in the past year. Without these people, the roadies, venue staff, sound engineers (to name a few roles) and the live music industry would not be able to exist, so it is imperative that they are supported not only now but also beyond the lockdown. ‘In Solitude’ hopes to raise awareness and funds for the movement, utilising the thing that brings all these indispensable people together – music.

This call to arms is a 12 and a half minute journey through musical excellence that is not only for a good cause but is an example of great ideas executed well. Whether you are a metal fan or not, everyone can show their appreciation and encouragement for the UK Metal Merger Stagehand Crew Relief Fund by sharing the art and donating to the cause. You can also help by checking out Stagehanda registered charity described as “the original live production welfare and benevolent fund”.

Keep all eyes and ears peeled for the single arriving May 4th, and feel free to contribute whatever and whenever you can.

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The Musicians of UK Metal Merger are:


Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Mark Mynett; Mynetaur Productions

Video Production by Hal Sinden of Eulogy Media;

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Pentral show how to do concept rock right with upcoming single ‘Silent Trees’

In honour of their anticipated album dropping early May, Pentral have released ‘Silent Trees’ to wet the appetite of any avid lovers of heavy riffs and percussion that you can feel in your chest. The track, which was released on March 5th, is a cacophony of ethereal harmonies, progressive driving beats and powerful lead vocals. Reminiscent of classic metal, with steady pacing and a focus on a lilting vocal performance, ‘Silent Trees’ balances compelling storytelling and dynamic musicality effortlessly.

The trio has created an excellent look into the upcoming album, one that stands as a call to arms for humanity against discrimination in a way that is not only accessible but a brilliant listening experience too. ‘Silent Trees’ is epic in its sound whilst it remains grounded due to its pacing, simple yet effective with a grandiose tone. With an accompanying music video that matches the song’s raw essence, the track is punchy with a lot of heart, further shown through the chosen topics and lyricism.

The album was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic and it was a huge challenge wearing face masks almost every time. There was tension and fear among the musicians and engineers of getting infected. Besides that, the songs are not “straight”. Pentral uses a lot of uncommon and odd time signatures and harmonies, so it was pretty hard to record the final version of the tracks. Atmosphere, harmony, melody, groove and a strong message to make people think. For the band, this is what music is all about.” – Victor Lima (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars)

With clear influences from the band’s Brazillian roots and an evident passion that oozes through each note, ‘Silent Trees’ promises that ‘What Lies Ahead of Us’ (dropping May 7th) will be a vivid listening experience. Filled with soul, forcefulness and a fight that has been missing in the current music scene, it is not to be missed.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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In Signs are knocking at your door with their new single

In Signs boast the latest melodic rock sound coming all the way from Kyiv, Ukraine. The three-piece band bring with them an immense new single that builds and builds until you are about to explode – and you want to do it all over again!

Introducing the rock track you never knew you needed, ‘Knock Knock’ is the first of several new songs from the trio, hoping to inspire new and old listeners and show the world that In Signs really mean business.

You can watch the brand new lyric video down below!

Combining something old and faithful with a twist of something new, atop influences from their Slavic upbringing, the new single really sets in stone what In Signs are about, simply through one song. The harsh, constricted vocals convey emotion that is only heightened by the incredible melody from the rest of the band.

It’s so important to be true with people who listen to your music and this is our main goal. There are a lot of artists nowadays but not all of them are doing art. We want to prove that music is not about money, it’s about the passion of your life. I’m a closed person and making music and writing lyrics is a perfect way for me to communicate with people. I become a songwriter by chance. I didn’t want to be a musician, it just came up after my first tattoo which is Metallica’s song title ‘Nothing Else Matters’. It’s such a great pleasure to play live some songs which I created from the very beginning. There are a lot of ways to create music but all our songs start from an acoustic guitar and vocals. ”

– Arsen, frontman of In Signs.

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Helestios tackles real world problems with hard-hitting metal album

Up-and-coming UK Metal band Helestios are gearing up to release their upcoming album, Your Pain Tastes Good, which is an exciting mix of tracks with influences from Metallica to Sepultura, with melodic guitar solos to suit your thrash needs.

After the horror of 2020, this album comes as a breath of fresh air to all metal fans, reminding us how the genre always stays true to itself even through conflict and social division. Your Pain Tastes Good is a reminder to both fans of the band and of metal to think positively and always look forward to the good things in life (such as the new album!)

Featuring 8 tracks with incredibly composed guitar – and vocal growls pulled from the depths of hell – this album is a story through ancient mythology and a reflection of the world around us.

Sacrifice opens the album, with the sound of throat singing setting the tune underway before the guitar enters with layers of harmony, and an intro long enough to get lost in the rhythms. Other notable tracks are You Are Free, a triumphant-sounding guitar riff with more gentle vocals to start with, before plunging straight back down into growls. The title track Your Pain Tastes Good, has a more mellow start before the triplet guitar slams in, flipping the mood on its head and reminding you once again of Helestios’ forte.

With influences from all around the world, the band pulls together a unique international feel to their music, with Henrijs Leja on vocals and rhythm guitar, Stelios Aggelis on lead guitar, Ian den Boer on drums and Agnis Aldiņš on bass. The band are based in Basingstoke, UK, but originate from all across Europe.

They combine many different techniques of music from their eclectic past and experiences across the continent, including the aforementioned throat singing by Agnis, to the Lebanese prayer intro, to Return to Baalbek, recorded by Henrijs in Lebanon during the protests in 2019. These little touches make the album incredibly accessible around the globe, simultaneously keeping the listener on their toes with exciting moments on each track, telling real tales of human struggle happening all around us right now.

We want to provoke people to think a bit deeper and realize there’s more than everyday mainstream media has to offer. There’s enough exciting stuff going on right now in various scientific fields from uncovering very unusual facts about ancient history to modern genetics and with our new understanding we should re-apply and re-view many things that we believe are cornerstones. Not to mention the fact we live in an era when individual human rights are noticeably reduced. We’re looking to stand together with everyone, brothers and sisters and friends through metal – stand together for what is right!”

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Megadeath’s David Ellefson Says Band Will Release New Music in 2021

The Heavy Metal giants will release their follow up to the 2016 album dystopia.

As Reported by NME

Megadeth David Ellefson

Megadeth will be releasing new music in 2021 – that’s according to the band’s bassist David Ellefson.

In a new interview, Ellefson discussed the progress of the band’s forthcoming album, the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Dystopia’.

“Basic tracks are done. Overdubs now are continuing,” Ellefson told the Decibel Geek podcast. “I’m sure 2021 will see some new Megadeth music of some form – hopefully the whole album, because touring will open up and we can drop a record and the tour dates that we have rescheduled will all go forward as planned. That’s what we’re hoping.”

He added: “That’s about all I can say on it – just ’cause it’s not done yet, so it’s hard to talk about something that’s still in motion.”

Back in June, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine revealed that the band had recorded 18 songs for their new album.

Speaking about their forthcoming 16th studio album, Mustaine said: “Dirk [Verbeuren, drums] and David Ellefson [bass] both just finished their parts. And this was probably one of the strongest records we’ve ever had as far as duration.

“The other records we’ve done have all done been different lengths, and our [record] contract that we have [to deliver] for one company, it’s eight songs, for another company, it’s 11 songs, so, realistically, all we need to do is do an 11-song album and we’re done, right? That’s not the way old Uncle Dave is, though.”

Meshiaak Unveil Official Video For City Of Ghosts + North American Support Tour With Testament, Black Dahlia Murder and Municipal Waste

Meshiaak Unveil Official Video For City Of Ghosts + North American Support Tour With Testament, Black Dahlia Murder and Municipal Waste

New album: Mask Of All Misery
Out Now
Via: Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group

Check out the official video for the City Of Ghosts:

Meshiaak will also be supporting Testament on their North American Tour with Black Dahlia Murder and Municipal Waste.

Meshiaak return with the official video for City Of Ghosts, taken from their blistering second album Mask Of All Misery, which is out now via Mascot Records.

Speaking about the video, Guitarist Dean Wells offers, “The video clip was a really fun experiment. Filming it, and directing it ourselves, we tried to capture the vibe of the song and the fun we had playing it.  I think it came up great! We hope you enjoy it!”  Singer Danny Camilleri adds, “Crank this up and bang your damn heads!

Meshiaak will join The Black Dahlia Murder and Municipal Waste in supporting Testament on the band’s Spring North American Tour.  The excursion brings the band to The U.S. and Canada for the first time from their native Australia. Camilleri shares, “We could not be happier to finally be coming through the United States and Canada, and what better way to do it than with Testament, Black Dahlia Murder and Municipal Waste. You will not want to miss this tour.”

It has been three years since the Australian quartet’s debut album ‘Alliance of Thieves’ dropped, which married dark undertones, heavy grooves and sophistication whilst retaining old-school metal values. Upon its release Metal Hammer applauded its “modern power/thrash metal attack,” Powerplay exclaimed that the album “bludgeons and berates the senses with incredible precision and astounding musicianship” and Classic Rock revelled in the “mix of brooding progressive metal and heavy rock.”

So, it’s no surprise then, that the band are back to continue the story and have a new member and renewed energy. Formed in Melbourne, by 4ARM’s Danny Camilleri and Teramaze’s Dean Wells with bassist Andrew Cameron, they have recruited drummer David Godfrey who replaces Jon Dette, following his departure due to logistical reasons with him being based in the US and the rest of the band in Australia.  

Mask Of All Misery’ is an album that journey’s through a maze of toxic influences and the masks the exponents wear. “The album deals with a lot of personal reflection and issues as well as attacking or addressing much broader issues concerning perhaps the ignorance of society in regards to what’s going on around us all,” explains Camilleri.

The album barely takes a breath through the ten songs and deals with personal struggles and the inner-strength to pull yourself through as well as burrowing into the dark underbelly for an album of uncompromising heaviness. However, the band have an ability to sprinkle light, adding visions of hope lyrically and a strong sense of melody throughout the unrelenting power and musicianship of the four members.

The album was recorded and produced by Dean Wells at his Wells Productions studio in Melbourne with the songwriting partnership of Camilleri Wells. Talking about the recording process Camilleri says “We generally have an idea of how many songs we want for an album, we aren’t the kind of band that writes 20 tracks and picks the best 9 or 10 to go on the album, if something doesn’t grab us early we tend to just throw it in the bin and work on something that does! We demo every track to almost album quality before even looking at officially beginning recording, then we’ll sit on it a bit and let it digest.

Expanding on how the writing relationship works he explains, “We don’t designate or anything like that, either Dean will come up with something cool or I will, we’ll work on it from that point until it evolves into what we envisioned in our head, though a lot of the time the song will take on a completely different face than when we first began work on it, that’s one of the most enjoyable parts about the writing process with Meshiaak. We never stop pushing the boundaries for ourselves and seeing where we can take something. I love the creative part of it all.

Greek Mythology Meets Metal, Floating Worlds Release Electrifying New Single

With the release of their forthcoming concept album Battleship Oceania on the near horizons, Floating Worlds have released their latest single ‘Retribution’ alongside an electrifying accompanying video.

Celebrating 21st anniversary as a band this year, Floating World’s concept album will tell the epic tale of a legendary battleship and its crew, taking the Greek mythology from the band’s home country and marrying it with modern day morality. A truly widescreen tempest of guitars, pummelling drums, synths and operatic vocals, their exhilarating sound matches the explosive story line that carries throughout the album.

Beginning with the iron fortress, Oceania, setting sail under dubious government orders to intercept a ship full of armed terrorists masquerading as civilian passengers, the crew suspects there are no terrorists. However, in a turn of events the ship is torpedoed, killing all on-board and angering the Gods of the Sea who curse the battleship.

Having now obtained supernatural abilities, the hapless crew aboard are doomed to suffer an eternity aboard this floating prison. A chance at salvation is uncovered when it is revealed someone aboard knows rather more about the sinking of the passenger ship than they have said, leaving a battle of wits and Gods to resolve their fates.

Founded by guitarist Andreas V. and bassist Vagelis Lekos, the band has successfully toured countries such as Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and most recently Russia and are cementing their place as one of symphonic metal’s most inspiring bands.

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DeGreaser Reinvent Kiss for a New Generation

For a good few people Kiss are very much the brand they’ve spent so many years cultivating and not much else. They recognise the make-up; they recognise the logo; they know that it’s sex, drugs and rock n roll personified…but as to how much of their music they know…that’s another matter.

This is coming from a somewhat slanted UK view, I hasten to add. The rock n roll all night attitude hasn’t rung as loudly in Hartlepool and Gosport as it has LA and Vegas. The crime is not only that so many amazing tracks have been overlooked in some quarters but also that the band were/are incredibly underrated musicians. Bear with me, this is leading somewhere.

Ben Katzman has been dipped extensively in Kiss waters and the results are clear to hear from his music. There’s not just technical guitar ability but showmanship which comes across, even without visuals. It is, in the most positive sense, 80s rock excess in easily digestible form. If the huge amounts of hairspray and off-putting brattishness of Kiss and the likes of Motley Crue have always made you shy away, then DeGreaser are a brilliant way to experience some of what you’d been missing.

There’s some solid riffing across all the tracks, with more than a touch of Judas Priest along the way. There are no ballads to slow down the frenzied race to reach the choruses and nothing that you take away from the listening experience other than have being thoroughly entertained. This then is where DeGreaser have taken the essence of 80s rock and really succeeded. It’s uplifting music; music to make you forget the humdrum of your life and to concentrate on the simple pleasures. Kiss are pure entertainment. DeGreaser are the first band in eons to remember that this is what rock music should be all about.

DeGreaser’s forthcoming album, “Quarter Life Crisis”, is due out on October 12th, 2018.



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Anarchy Reigns Is Getting Heavy With New Track ‘Hypocrisy’


The brain child of ex Pharmaceutical company worker Duncan Morris, Anarchy Reigns is a hard hitting rock group who’s fuel and fire drives them to speak their mind and say what they want.

Duncans persona known as ‘Hitch’ is a big, leather dressed figure who’s dark appearance allows him to speak his mind on current social and economic issues. New track “Hypocrisy” focuses on his feelings towards US and UK politics, questioning the legitimacy of world leaders and the lies we’ve been fed throughout the years. As well as focusing on the contradictory actions that these officials have been accused of.

So if you want a real reaction to the worlds current affairs, be sure to check them out:





A Quick Guide to South American Rock

Having spent the last couple of weeks digesting the rattlingly good album from Mexican neo-grunge funksters, Ikkarus. All of which made us think – from a continent so huge, why are there so few successful rock bands?


Well, since they inspired us, where better to start? Their debut album, Stains & Echoes is an immediately arresting collection of songs which have the buzzing, growl of the early 90’s Pacific North-West combined with the bass thump of Red Hot Chili Peppers. The end result is catchy, raucous and both nostalgic and forward-thinking at the same time. Recommended!


Question Mark (also answering to Rudy Martinez) founded his band in 1962 and are still a going concern, largely due to their break-out hit, 96 Tears. Though actually hailing from Michigan, their Latin roots made them one of the first rock bands to have a number one hit in America with a South American heritage (honorable mention to Ritchie Valens).


We could hardly get away with not including Carlos Santana, perhaps the most famous Mexican musician to ever live (certainly to an English-speaking audience). Taking the blues and infusing it with traditional South American music and rock have led him to enjoy a career where he is adopted by new generations of musicians and audiences with each new release.


Brazilian psych legends, Os Mutantes, sprang into life in 1968, well-soaked in dripping technicolour visuals and trippy, Beatles-esque harmonies. They achieved attention decades later when cited by Kurt Cobain as an influence and were rumoured to be lined up as Nirvana’s support band for a tour, that for tragic reasons, never happened.


Formed in the mid-80s in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, it wasn’t until the early 90s that they became one of the most successful metal bands on the planet. Their early death metal sound grew to include more mainstream riffs, punk and Brazilian rhythms. Their 1193 album, Chaos A.D. is still hailed as one of the greatest metal albums of all-time.