Steady Rollin Bring us a Limited Edition Vinyl in Celebration of 2020

For some, 2020 was a bit of a write-off, but for Blues-rock band Steady Rollin, 2020 came with great success, with the band making the giant leap from El Salvador in Central America to news articles and radio stations all across the world.

To celebrate the success, they are releasing 100 Copies of their album Love & Loss on Limited Edition Vinyl. The release is a homage to all of their fans in the UK that have supported them during their journey; a gift in the form of a double-sided Vinyl, with the band opting to reject studio producing for a live-recorded, authentic sound. The release is in tandem with a brand new video – Call Me By 2 – featuring not yet before seen footage of the band playing live.

“Powerful, compelling blues, ‘Impossible’ follows on from the hugely popular track ‘When the Judgement Comes’ and its super-charged dance remix courtesy of Elyse Rich, set a course from 80s synth pop to modern flourishes of stomping delight, all wrapped around the pounding, relentless rock of Steady Rollin’. The Steady Rollin’ train will be pulling into a station near you before you know it…” New Noise

With Benjamin Andrade on drums and backing vocals, Gerardo Pardo on bass and Fernando Poma on guitar and lead vocals, Steady Rollin have already captivated the audiences in their native land of El Salvadore, and are now spreading the music further across the globe.

Love & Loss tells stories of Fernando’s real life love stories to a blues-rock style backing, accompanied by brilliant instrumentalism from the band. Fernando has loved music since he can remember, playing the drums until his obsession for guitars kicked in, leading him to start the musical path that paved the way for Steady Rollin. It is clear that music is his calling, pouring his heart and soul into every performance for a raw and true feeling.

Benjamin Andrade’s interest in music started back in 1994 when he started listening to classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Metallica, moulding his musical taste and honing his musical skills to the genre. His ability led him to help form many successful bands such as Kroma, Ultraviolet and Alter Ego. Nowadays he is faithful to Steady Rollin, and acts as Yamaha drumming representative for El Salvadore!

Gerardo Pardo is a professional bass player, bringing in expert basslines as the finishing touch to each composition. He is highly regarded in the El Salvadorian music scene, paving the way for smaller bands to hop on stage and take their turn!

“Fresh from winning over their native Latin America, Blues rock titans Steady Rollin’ are getting ready to take on the world…the warm, fuzzy vibe of standalone recent single ‘Impossible’ is the sound of a band in their element.” Music Week

The Double Vinyl Edition of Steady Rollin’s Love & Loss is available Exclusively Through Diggers Factory Here

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Nave Blues, A Powerhouse Of Rock And Blues Fusion


With 2018 in official full-swing, you can be sure that there is no shortage of talent to bless yourself with. Blues Rock mixed with hauntingly dissonant melodies and deep, roaring sounds which rip through the fabric of normality, Nave Blues are genuinely set for a journey like no other.

With a mix of different elements that make Nave Blues unique, include song writing techniques, presence/stage performance and finally geographical relevance. Based in Norway, the boys that provide the blues came together with an intention to explore new avenues in the blues rock world that have yet to be explored.

Lead singer Nave Pundik, lead and only harmonica player in the band fronts this visually intriguing ensemble. The groups mood is reminiscent to bands such as ‘Type O Negative’, but the music is another story, dragging major influence from the likes of ‘Led Zeppelin’ and ‘Supertramp’.

With the brand new album ‘The NaveBlues’ on the horizon, be sure to not to miss the Nave Blues. 


Cholesterol Jones Takes the Fool by the Horns

Even though, by any stretch of the imagination, Satan’s in Heaven isn’t a full-on metal mosh-a-thon, we didn’t think twice about featuring it. The slightly gospel mantra that runs hypnotically throughout feels slightly like the brainwashing chants of a clandestine cult. Though it feels on the surface like a jolly sing-a-long ditty, there’s a strange melancholia that clings to the song – perfectly apt for a track which in the true traditions of satire takes aim at a subject and doesn’t let go. The subject is, naturally, His Grace Donald Trump and the failings of a democratic system which facilitated his rise to power. The false promise of the melody and bitter undercurrent mean the overall effect is far more satisfactory than someone just shouting abuse at the top of their voice.

Even more excitingly, the rest of the forthcoming EP is well worth a listen too. Bradford Street’s lullaby-like swoon is punctuated by lines like: “You used to have eyes/now it’s all turned black”; stand-out track, River Styx, is achingly sad without being mawkish or overtly self-pitying. He Claimed the Tree of Life feels a little too much like it’s re-treading ground already stomped upon. Nameless Dogs completes the set in appropriately grey-cloud fashion – in fact, the EP concludes at just the right point – there’s the sense that any more would tip the balance into some sort of indie-emo-folk mire. A great introduction though, well worth investigating.









Sandy Kilpatrick due to release single ‘Your Love is a Weapon’ from album ‘The Shaman’s Call’

PRimageAn acoustic-folk singer-songwriter, Sandy Kilpatrick is now Portugal based having been born and raised in Scotland. His new album, ‘The Shaman’s Call’, is the latest stunning release in a career that has grown organically over time, with his sound echoing great songwriters as wide ranging as David Bowie and Damien Rice, while retaining his own unique take on the genre.

Those developing years have been spent surrounded by talents who have made it to the mainstream, such as close friend and New Order guitarist Phil Cunningham. Now Sandy Kilpatrick aims to follow in their footsteps.

Having lived in various parts of the UK before moving to Portugal to be with his family, Sandy Kilpatrick’s particular brand of accessible folk music has a well-travelled feel to it. Inspired by a wide ranging exploration of all of life’s experience as seen through Sandy Kilpatrick’s eyes as a writer, Sandy’s last album ‘Redemption Road’ was notable enough to gain the support of key BBC tastemakers Guy Garvey and Mark Radcliffe. One track was even used by footballer Cristiano Ronaldo on his ‘Best Bits of 2013’ video.

‘The Shaman’s Call’ marks further progression for Sandy Kilpatrick as an artist, guided out of the gate by new single ‘Your Love Is a Weapon’, a song which focuses on the intimacy and solitude of the writer at work:

 Like this track, the album as a whole is designed to feel raw, and not hidden behind the smoke and mirrors of big production. The lyrics are intimate and thoughtful, hitting many highs, lows and moments of heartfelt poignancy – many of which listeners will immediately relate to.