Steady Rollin Bring us a Limited Edition Vinyl in Celebration of 2020

For some, 2020 was a bit of a write-off, but for Blues-rock band Steady Rollin, 2020 came with great success, with the band making the giant leap from El Salvador in Central America to news articles and radio stations all across the world.

To celebrate the success, they are releasing 100 Copies of their album Love & Loss on Limited Edition Vinyl. The release is a homage to all of their fans in the UK that have supported them during their journey; a gift in the form of a double-sided Vinyl, with the band opting to reject studio producing for a live-recorded, authentic sound. The release is in tandem with a brand new video – Call Me By 2 – featuring not yet before seen footage of the band playing live.

“Powerful, compelling blues, ‘Impossible’ follows on from the hugely popular track ‘When the Judgement Comes’ and its super-charged dance remix courtesy of Elyse Rich, set a course from 80s synth pop to modern flourishes of stomping delight, all wrapped around the pounding, relentless rock of Steady Rollin’. The Steady Rollin’ train will be pulling into a station near you before you know it…” New Noise

With Benjamin Andrade on drums and backing vocals, Gerardo Pardo on bass and Fernando Poma on guitar and lead vocals, Steady Rollin have already captivated the audiences in their native land of El Salvadore, and are now spreading the music further across the globe.

Love & Loss tells stories of Fernando’s real life love stories to a blues-rock style backing, accompanied by brilliant instrumentalism from the band. Fernando has loved music since he can remember, playing the drums until his obsession for guitars kicked in, leading him to start the musical path that paved the way for Steady Rollin. It is clear that music is his calling, pouring his heart and soul into every performance for a raw and true feeling.

Benjamin Andrade’s interest in music started back in 1994 when he started listening to classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Metallica, moulding his musical taste and honing his musical skills to the genre. His ability led him to help form many successful bands such as Kroma, Ultraviolet and Alter Ego. Nowadays he is faithful to Steady Rollin, and acts as Yamaha drumming representative for El Salvadore!

Gerardo Pardo is a professional bass player, bringing in expert basslines as the finishing touch to each composition. He is highly regarded in the El Salvadorian music scene, paving the way for smaller bands to hop on stage and take their turn!

“Fresh from winning over their native Latin America, Blues rock titans Steady Rollin’ are getting ready to take on the world…the warm, fuzzy vibe of standalone recent single ‘Impossible’ is the sound of a band in their element.” Music Week

The Double Vinyl Edition of Steady Rollin’s Love & Loss is available Exclusively Through Diggers Factory Here

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Helestios tackles real world problems with hard-hitting metal album

Up-and-coming UK Metal band Helestios are gearing up to release their upcoming album, Your Pain Tastes Good, which is an exciting mix of tracks with influences from Metallica to Sepultura, with melodic guitar solos to suit your thrash needs.

After the horror of 2020, this album comes as a breath of fresh air to all metal fans, reminding us how the genre always stays true to itself even through conflict and social division. Your Pain Tastes Good is a reminder to both fans of the band and of metal to think positively and always look forward to the good things in life (such as the new album!)

Featuring 8 tracks with incredibly composed guitar – and vocal growls pulled from the depths of hell – this album is a story through ancient mythology and a reflection of the world around us.

Sacrifice opens the album, with the sound of throat singing setting the tune underway before the guitar enters with layers of harmony, and an intro long enough to get lost in the rhythms. Other notable tracks are You Are Free, a triumphant-sounding guitar riff with more gentle vocals to start with, before plunging straight back down into growls. The title track Your Pain Tastes Good, has a more mellow start before the triplet guitar slams in, flipping the mood on its head and reminding you once again of Helestios’ forte.

With influences from all around the world, the band pulls together a unique international feel to their music, with Henrijs Leja on vocals and rhythm guitar, Stelios Aggelis on lead guitar, Ian den Boer on drums and Agnis Aldiņš on bass. The band are based in Basingstoke, UK, but originate from all across Europe.

They combine many different techniques of music from their eclectic past and experiences across the continent, including the aforementioned throat singing by Agnis, to the Lebanese prayer intro, to Return to Baalbek, recorded by Henrijs in Lebanon during the protests in 2019. These little touches make the album incredibly accessible around the globe, simultaneously keeping the listener on their toes with exciting moments on each track, telling real tales of human struggle happening all around us right now.

We want to provoke people to think a bit deeper and realize there’s more than everyday mainstream media has to offer. There’s enough exciting stuff going on right now in various scientific fields from uncovering very unusual facts about ancient history to modern genetics and with our new understanding we should re-apply and re-view many things that we believe are cornerstones. Not to mention the fact we live in an era when individual human rights are noticeably reduced. We’re looking to stand together with everyone, brothers and sisters and friends through metal – stand together for what is right!”

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Episode 3 of ‘Just Checking In’ is now out –