New Metallica single ‘Hardwired’!

It’s been eight years since Metallica released their previous album Death Magnetic (let’s forget about Lulu). Now the thrash metal veterans have announced a new double LP – along with this speedy new old-skool flavoured track. ‘Hardwired’ is set to open Metallica’s upcoming album and is a tasty return to their roots.

Nostalgic of the 50s and 60s, Cado Releases His ‘Take Me Back’ EP

Having been born half a century too late in 1990, Cado is a modern rock and roll artist with an obsession for music of the past! After stealing a Beatles album from a record shop aged 10, he was inspired to make music that will make people smile, dance and enjoy themselves!

Listen to/download the EP here:

Cado, who grew up in County Kildare, Ireland, was mesmerised at an early age by the sound of The Beatles and Chuck Berry and from then commenced a lifelong obsession with music!

The multi instrumentalist has toured the UK and Ireland with The Shades and in early 2016 he began recording a collection of songs inspired by the music he adores. The singer-songwriter takes a completely DIY approach, self recording and mixing everything in his home studio. Every instrument on the EP was performed by him allowing him make music that he truly loves.

The retro sounding EP has strong nods towards classic artists such as Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. The EP is out TOMORROW the 12 of August


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Hard rockers Alter Bridge release ‘Show Me A Leader’

From their upcoming fifth studio album The Last Hero, Alter Bridge deliver this new song ‘Show Me A Leader’.

Vocalist guitarist Myles Kennedy has stated, “Lyrically, it reflects the frustrations that a lot of people are feeling with the current state of the world. The world is looking for trustworthy effective leadership and not this undignified dog and pony show that’s really made a mockery of our system.”
“It’s indicative of our process,” guitarist/vocalist Mark Tremonti adds. “Myles had this guitar intro that I loved, and I had the chorus. We put them together. The words call out for a proper leader.”