Steve Aoki uploads more photos from Adam Lambert session

Steve Aoki has treated fans to more images from his recent recording session with Adam Lambert.

The electronic star and producer worked with the vocalist in Los Angeles on February 17.

The pair have worked together on a song called ‘Can’t Go Home’.

Aoki has uploaded some new photos from the studio on Twitter, including one of himself jumping with Lambert.

The DJ previously tweeted: “#cantgohome vocal session is a wrap! @adamlambert crushed it!! Legendary voice.”

He also said the singer has “one of the best voices in the world”.

Lambert has history in the field after working with Avicii on his 2014 track ‘Lay Me Down’.

The singer’s last album meanwhile came in the shape of 2015’s ‘The Original High’.



Lively’s new song ‘Middle Finger’ is exactly what Hip Hop needs. It’s an honest and pure statement for all the people who doubted the artist and certainly doesn’t lack the necessary impetus to strive for stardom. As such, the rapper has teamed up with the world’s greatest producer Scott Storch –because he can! His talent knows no limits, his tracks are pumped up with straightforward messages that know no mercy and like that they are as authentic as it gets. ‘Middle Finger’ is probably one of the hottest and most sincere new tracks I have recently come across. Lively manages to take out the superficiality that current Hip Hop is so often plagued with.



Holland’s Robby Valentine Makes Comeback with Latest Rock Pop Album and Single

Robby Valentine first burst on rock scene with ballad Over and Over Again in the early nineties and now releases album Bizarro World with the single Black Rain on all formats.

 Dutch artist Robby Valentine has signed to Japanese major record label King Records and releases a double album also available on vinyl, all accompanied by a headline show at the Arts Club in Liverpool in March.

Robby’s first self-titled album contained his first single Over and Over Again, a big hit in 1991. That year he received the prestigious Dutch Silver Harp award, which celebrates promising musical talent and was recently awarded to Tiësto and Ferry Corsten. Valentine writes, produces and plays all his own material.

Black Rain will be the new single from Robby’s latest album Bizarro World, which is already getting extensive UK radio play in the lead up to his Liverpool concert on 12 March.

To celebrate twenty-five years making music, Robby launches his latest album Bizarro World on 14th February and the Queen Album, with bonus tracks including his cover of Life on Mars by David Bowie. These are also available on vinyl.

Bizarro World is an eclectic mix of pop and rock, blending influences from Queen, Muse and Adam Lambert.

Valentine has enjoyed success in Japan and subsequently signed to their major record label King Records while he remains popular in his native Holland. The first pressing of Bizarro World sold out in Europe, prompting headline shows to support the extended release.

Prompted by his successful performance at the Rockingham festival in the UK last October, Robby Valentine will bring his The Best of Both Worlds show to the Arts Club in Liverpool on 12 March, which will be 25 years since his first big hit Over and Over Again.

Starting the show will be originals from Robby’s extensive back catalogue, followed by a set of timeless classics from his Tribute to Queen show, which featured at the UK Queen Convention where he has been the first artist to be asked back three times.

Tickets can be purchased via the website:

The latest album “Bizzaro World” was released in the U.K and worldwide on Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2016 with distribution from Universal Music Operations.

The video promo for Robby’s single Black Rain:



Backed by the hugely acclaimed master of Hip Hop production – LIVELY ‘Middle Finger’ Produced By Scott Storch

The man who is usually seen partying with people like Kim Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan has now hit the studio with one of the UK’s most auspicious emerging Hip Hop acts, Lively. The two have teamed up in the studio last year to record Lively’s second single release ‘Middle Finger’.

The rapper describes his experience with Storch: “It was incredible. Working with someone who has had a career like Scott was inspirational and there will be more to come. He is a creative mastermind and brought the best out of me as an artist when we were in the studio. We ended up making more than one song, I’ll say that much. Don’t believe all the negative press at the moment regarding Storch – his comeback will be bigger than his downfall and the fact i can be part of that is a blessing.”

Next to his collaboration with Scott Storch, Lively has been in the studio with rapper Smiler TPM, BIZARRE from D12 as well as MAC and G-Man of So Solid Crew who are all supporters of his work. Although he is often compared to some of the bigger names in the Hip Hop industry, he isn’t interested in copying other artists. As the line in ‘Middle Finger’ goes: “I’m sick of other rappers ‘cause they’re sounding all the same.” Lively is as determined as it gets when it comes to his music. He won’t let other people stand in the way and that makes him one of the most promising artists on the way to the scene’s front benches.

Lively, who has both Indian and Scottish roots, is a rapper that has the right amount of determination. With support from the industry’s professionals and a work ethic that has brought him this far it will be exciting to see what the rapper’s future projects will look like!

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‘Middle Finger’ is out on 1st April 2016