Devil Horns News: Tunetables

Remember the glory days of punk/post-punk bands, from the late 70s to the early 80s? Even if you weren’t around at the time, you will surely be familiar with “Into The Valley,” one of those songs which seem to define that age. It made it to the UK’s Top Of The Pops show for legendary band, The Skids (a wonderful punk moniker if ever there was one). What am I leading up to here? You might have heard me bang on before about Tunetables – a great new product for storing your CDs, vinyls tapes. The concept is a great one – Tunetables fashion hand-crafted table/display units copied from the class instrument flight-case design. They look great, and are a wonderful way to show off your collection.

So what’s this got to do with the Skids? Well, it turns out Skids’ lead singer and songwriter, Richard Jobson, is a fan of Tunetables, having recently been photographed in his home with two of the said products. If they are good enough for a post-punk legend, they’re good enough for the likes of you and me. Go visit the Tunetables website and see for yourself.

Check out Tunetables below: