Steady Rollin brings an accordian to the guitar fight in their upcoming single ‘Donde Te Has Metido?’

Ellen Oakley

Dropping May 24th, Steady Rollin is merging blues-rock and the Spanish language seamlessly in their release ‘Donde Te Has Metido?’ (Where Have You Gone?). This will be the El Salvadoran musicians’ first Spanish language track and promises to leave listeners with an earworm of a tune.

As the song kicks in, the trio instantly commands attention with a soft acoustic guitar that steadily builds into a heavier variation. With metal like pacing driving the track forward but letting each beat hit and resonate, ‘Donde Te Has Metido?’ culminates in a sinfully melodic chorus that is equal parts toe-tapping and impactful. The tone is kept on track narratively with equal parts playful energy and emotional performance, weaving the tale of a love like no other that changes a person’s perspective on life, to only lose it when the things fall apart. Whilst the tonal shift is not drastic, it’s enough to switch from upbeat to a sense of longing seamlessly, showing genuine craftsmanship and a sense of musicality whilst avoiding an overdramatic finale that could take listeners out of the experience.

At its core, ‘Donde Te Has Metido?’  is an ode to the classic rock sound of the 70s, with nods to the likes of Cream and The Who. It relies upon traditional rock elements, which are enhanced in its presentation, and the result is a refreshing take on the nuances of the style.

Overall, Steady Rollin enhance established occurrences with the inclusion of a new quirky perspective: see the use of an accordion as a competitor to the standard guitar feature. The inclusion of the Spanish language never causes a barrier due to the palpable talent and sentiment present, making it accessible and a must-listen.

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