Ryan Soanes proves Pop-Punk’s not fizzled out with his single ‘Call My Name’

Ellen Oakley

Featured on his latest album drop, ‘The Journey’ (March 8th), Ryan Soanes elevates nostalgic 2000’s pop-punk with the highlight track ‘Call My Name’. Surrounded by ten songs that call back to emo and pop-punk nuances without feeling tired or out of place in the year 2021, the whole album is delightfully alternative and ‘Call My Name’ is a summation of everything the album does well.

Accompanied by a sleek and atmospheric lyric video, ‘Call My Name’ is indulgent. Using synths to create a melancholic tale of regret and longing, what could have been a simple pop-punk love song takes on a whole new tone, allowing typical instruments to adopt a subtle role in the backing and Soanes’ vocals to take centre stage. The track is an authentic experience; avoiding coming across as potentially whiney, the genuine emotion in the vocal performance is palpable and adds impact to lyrics calling out to a lost love. Lyrically powerful and musically raw, Soanes conveys an experience many can and do face in a way that is utterly accessible without cheapening the narrative.

“The song was originally written years ago before I even released music, it was written as a love song to a girl I was dating at the time, however, in recent times when I decided to rework the song, I had broken up with the girl… this gave the song a whole new meaning and vibe completely…” – Ryan Soanes

‘The Journey’ as a whole is an album rife with emotive imagery and catchy hooks, perfect for the genres it takes inspiration from whilst also raising money for the charitable cause Samaritans. It’s often music in the overarching alternative genre provides solace for the struggling, many using the lyrics to express and fight against issues that they cannot put a name to. So to see that this perfectly apt addition to the roster of albums available also supports people by helping fund an organisation that could help in the real world, outside of music, is not only heartwarming, but feels appropriate.

Overall, ‘Call My Name’ is a track that doesn’t just highlight Soanes’ talent but shows off the best things about the album in a snapshot that can be shouted at the top of the listener’s lungs.

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