Pentral show how to do concept rock right with upcoming single ‘Silent Trees’

In honour of their anticipated album dropping early May, Pentral have released ‘Silent Trees’ to wet the appetite of any avid lovers of heavy riffs and percussion that you can feel in your chest. The track, which was released on March 5th, is a cacophony of ethereal harmonies, progressive driving beats and powerful lead vocals. Reminiscent of classic metal, with steady pacing and a focus on a lilting vocal performance, ‘Silent Trees’ balances compelling storytelling and dynamic musicality effortlessly.

The trio has created an excellent look into the upcoming album, one that stands as a call to arms for humanity against discrimination in a way that is not only accessible but a brilliant listening experience too. ‘Silent Trees’ is epic in its sound whilst it remains grounded due to its pacing, simple yet effective with a grandiose tone. With an accompanying music video that matches the song’s raw essence, the track is punchy with a lot of heart, further shown through the chosen topics and lyricism.

The album was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic and it was a huge challenge wearing face masks almost every time. There was tension and fear among the musicians and engineers of getting infected. Besides that, the songs are not “straight”. Pentral uses a lot of uncommon and odd time signatures and harmonies, so it was pretty hard to record the final version of the tracks. Atmosphere, harmony, melody, groove and a strong message to make people think. For the band, this is what music is all about.” – Victor Lima (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars)

With clear influences from the band’s Brazillian roots and an evident passion that oozes through each note, ‘Silent Trees’ promises that ‘What Lies Ahead of Us’ (dropping May 7th) will be a vivid listening experience. Filled with soul, forcefulness and a fight that has been missing in the current music scene, it is not to be missed.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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