Saint is ready to introduce a revolutionary rhythm to the world in the form of his latest EP ‘Lucid’

‘Lucid’ is a raw, catchy and bold debut for UK Hip-hop artist Saint that manages to cram in everything you could want in a five-track EP. With bouncy instrumentals and thought-provoking lyrics that focus on real-world issues, ‘Lucid’ is a satisfying experience.

The EP opens with the punchy track ‘Adrenaline’, which explores the feeling of being able to do anything and everything. It offers a laidback instrumental, allowing the lyrics to steal attention, demonstrating what can be expected later. Throughout the EP, the lyricism is intense, tying each song together with a clean vocal performance and excellent pacing. The following ‘Back Then’ reflects upon growing up and the recklessness of decisions made, whilst commenting about the process of making it on your own. The pacing is sleek and offers a chant worthy chorus that any listener can relate too.

‘Changes’ is a lesson in how your actions can affect others and in believing in yourself and your abilities: a positive message that should not surprise the listener as the EP’s overarching tone is positivity in self. This positivity and the message of self-belief is carried over, especially to ‘Distant Dream’, where it heavily features as a subject.

The EP closes with ‘No More’, arguably the most powerful track featured, discussing matters such as media control, freedom of knowledge and succumbing to things pushed upon you by others. It is a refreshing observation of modern existence and ends ‘Lucid’ on a compelling note.

No More – Lyric Video

Overall, ‘Lucid’ is refreshing and introspective; it keeps listeners engaged with its social commentary made accessible through music. Saint has created a collection of tracks that show depth, intelligence and passion whilst he never loses sight of the EP’s flow and narrative. This thoughtful take on rap should not be missed.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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