Four Crooks Keep It Real With Their New EP ‘Black Magic’

For some, lockdown was a series of unfortunate events. For Four Crooks, however, the global pandemic was a catalyst of creativity, from which grew their brand new EP, Black Magic.

The band, hailing from Telford, took to a remote farmhouse to combine their thoughts and musical talent to bring to us Feel Alright, Paranoia, and the title track, Black Magic, all together combining as a brilliant, heavy Indie EP reminiscent of Royal Blood and Nothing But Thieves.

Four Crooks consists of Dave Morris (vocals/guitar); Eamonn Russell (guitar); Toby Barnett (bass) and Dan Quinton-Jones (drums). Four seemingly average guys who came together over their love and need for heavier sounding Indie tracks.

Eamonn met Dave the night he was being kicked out of a bar after an altercation with the manager over gig fees and, as they walked together, carrying the kit, they bonded over their love for a particular sound of music. Toby and Dan joined in with this shared passion and inside the farmhouse, without distractions, the EP was born.

The three tracks on the EP show the rawness of the band. Just four lads who are being open and honest about mental health and relationship struggles.

The title track by the same name as the EP mentions the highly additive qualities of women, and other substances, warning us of the highs and lows. Feel Alright introduces us to the struggles of getting through a difficult relationship, whilst holding your head high. The track features a bouncing, feel good melody – definitely a lockdown mood booster.

The final track, Paranoia, speaks of the struggles of dealing with anxiety and doubts, with a heavy bassline that will be stuck in your head for days.

Overall, the EP is a solid listen, with three tracks that really show the band’s talent, and with the second national lockdown over our heads, can we be looking forward to new music from this up-and-coming band? Lets hope so!

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Written by Mars Smith