Pop-Punk Makes a Modern Comeback Through Tik Tok Star jxdn

jxdn - So What! (Official Video) - YouTube

2020 seems to be the year that pop punk makes a comeback, with artists like Machine Gun Kelly Changing up their usual style for a Punk album, YUNGBLUD absolutely smashing up the charts, and Miley Cyrus finally showing us how incredibly powerful her rock vocals are. Introducing jxdn to the ever-growing list of new pop punk and rock fusion music. With the energy of pop punk and rock combined with trap style beats and rap like spoken word, jxdn brings something fresh and new to the scene.

Have a listen to “Comatose” below

The new release, featuring iann dior, really pushes the fusion side of his style, heavily lead by the trap style hi-hats, and bringing in that classic Pop-punk sound that we are all so reminiscent of during the chorus, it really makes you nostalgic of the 00s pop punk whilst keeping that modern twist.

With only 5 singles under his belt, were all sitting with baited breath to see what else jxdn will being to the scene, especially as a relatively new artist. Originally an internet personality on the platform Tik Tok before being picked up by Fueled By Ramen, the Texan has a bright future ahead, generating 15 million streams in the first month of his release alone.

jxdn tells of his story with battling depression after moving from Texas to Tennessee at age 14, facing two suicide attempts before finding peace in music through the late Juice WRLD, before being taken under the wing of rock legend, Travis Barker – movie plot or what? Proving that the plot has a happy ending, jxdn released three successful singles so far – “Comatose”, “Angles and Demons” and “So What”, featuring his mentor Travis and Machine Gun Kelly in the video!

So watch this space, jxdn is ready to pop off into his rock career and to become one of the defining artists in this pop-punk comeback.

Written by Mars Smith