Placebo’s “Black Market Music Stories” Episode 2 is Out Now

“This was the start of our seriously hedonistic days”

Placebo have shared the second video of their new mini documentary series Black Market Music Stories , in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the release of their third critically acclaimed album, “Black market Music”. If you missed the first episode, watch it Here

The second episode dropped today, exclusively to NME, watch it Here

Released in back in October 2000, “Black Market Music” reached number 6 in the UK charts, and featured singles such as “Special K”, “Taste In Men” and “Black-Eyed”, in the years following the success of their Debut release “Nancy Boy”.

Bassist and guitarist Stefan Olsdal told NME of the era.“It was the start of our seriously hedonistic days, and we were speeding ahead at a million miles an hour, clocking in over 100 shows a year,”
“Somehow during all that, we managed to make an album that is still important to us today.”

“Some songs are at breakneck tempos, and the lyrics delve into heavy themes that feel even more relevant today than back then. So against all odds, this angry, jet-fuelled band that went to the dark side 20 years ago, made an album that to me, still feels very much alive in 2020.”

The band went on a break following their 2017 20th anniversary tour, leaving fans waiting for the new album, over 7 years after their last release “Loud Like Love”, which was released in 2013. Frontman Brian Molko said he imagined it would be “experimental” and likened it to “career suicide”

The wait for the new album is becoming almost painful for some fans, after being gifted with streams of some of Placebo’s most iconic sets of their career over the pandemic, after Coronavirus bought a halt to live music across the globe in their Lost Tapes: Summer Festival Lockdown series, which brought their setlists from 1996 In Stratford all the way to their Mexico shows, all in one place.

The final three episodes of the 20th Anniversary will land on the Placebo official Website, with part 3 coming next week.

Written by: Mars Smith