Russian band rock the Allies

Politically there may be no love lost between Russia and the Western Allies, US and UK, however, when it comes to Music… we simply can’t get enough of Russian indie-rock band Apache Rose and we aren’t the only ones! The band have over 10,000 Facebook followers and over a quarter of a million YouTube views of their last single. 

The new single, “Blind Spot” is a ‘tribute’ to reckless taxi drivers worldwide and has an overarching theme of being careful not to put yourself in situations you can’t control. 

Built around the Muscovite engine of Ilya Novokhatskiy, Apache Rose is far from Russian interference, it is the clarion call for the return of ultra-catchy melodic rock, with the earworms of The Beatles and the raw swagger of The Strokes. And with influence coming from both the 60s and 90s music scenes, Apache Rose ironically combine these sounds in their EP, which is set to be released Summer 2020.

Have a listen to Apache Rose’s previous single, Attention!

Whilst we wait for the new single and album to be dropped in the next couple of months, give the band a follow on social to keep up to date with all their news.