The Return of Rock ‘n’ Roll

From the shadow of the Egyptian pyramids, to the foot of the Hollywood hills, Show Whight‘s Rock ‘n’ Roll has followed him wherever he’s been. Now it lands in the home of many of the rock greats of the past – the UK.

The single, Down the Aisle, was described by the singer as a “rock and roll song that everyone would want to play at their wedding“. Powerful vocals and a sweeping guitar solo aim to retain the sound of the prestigious classic rock of the past, simultaneously defying modern expectations in line with its ‘rebellious‘ ethos.

While honing his craft, Show Whight has found himself in the presence of several musical greats such as Toto frontman, Bobby Kimball and Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, as well as playing in famed venues such as House of Blues and Viper Room.

He now starts his journey to bring his sound to audiences across the pond.

Down the Aisle is out now: