Greek Mythology Meets Metal, Floating Worlds Release Electrifying New Single

With the release of their forthcoming concept album Battleship Oceania on the near horizons, Floating Worlds have released their latest single ‘Retribution’ alongside an electrifying accompanying video.

Celebrating 21st anniversary as a band this year, Floating World’s concept album will tell the epic tale of a legendary battleship and its crew, taking the Greek mythology from the band’s home country and marrying it with modern day morality. A truly widescreen tempest of guitars, pummelling drums, synths and operatic vocals, their exhilarating sound matches the explosive story line that carries throughout the album.

Beginning with the iron fortress, Oceania, setting sail under dubious government orders to intercept a ship full of armed terrorists masquerading as civilian passengers, the crew suspects there are no terrorists. However, in a turn of events the ship is torpedoed, killing all on-board and angering the Gods of the Sea who curse the battleship.

Having now obtained supernatural abilities, the hapless crew aboard are doomed to suffer an eternity aboard this floating prison. A chance at salvation is uncovered when it is revealed someone aboard knows rather more about the sinking of the passenger ship than they have said, leaving a battle of wits and Gods to resolve their fates.

Founded by guitarist Andreas V. and bassist Vagelis Lekos, the band has successfully toured countries such as Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and most recently Russia and are cementing their place as one of symphonic metal’s most inspiring bands.

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