The new faces of indie-rock Keemosabe set to release their forthcoming EP

With a sound that has elements of 90s rock, psychedelic break downs and an all-round euphoric atmosphere, Keemosabe cater to lovers of the likes of Kings of LeonJohn Mayer and Foals.

Set to release their self-titled forthcoming EP, the Italian indie-rock band are set to take the year by storm. Their vision and sound reflects the fury and drama of the world’s largest cities, reflected most in their forthcoming track ‘Out of They City’ that mirrors this concept visually through its accompanied video.

Their London dates proved a huge success, selling out both The Islington and Servant’s Jazz Quarters, whilst their popularity in Milan saw them playing the city’s largest venues, including the 3,000-capacity Alcatraz. After recording and mastering their EP at Abbey Road Studios, they were subsequently invited to perform a live show at the fabled Studio One.

With music that merges energetic grooves, powerful riffs and pop melodies, the band produces music of genre-spanning quality that is impossible not to love. With live dates in Italy and England planned for this year and their debut album nearing completion, Keemosabe are set to be one of 2019’s new faces of indie-rock.