Outrageous US psychedelic prog-punk party animals Wartoad thought that there was no better way to promote their UK tour than having a dig at the masters of dad rock, Pink Floyd, by importing a huge imitation of the legendary band’s inflatable pink pig. Yet it seems that the Floyd may have had the last laugh as Wartoad’s attempt to ham-bush the headlines ahead of their UK tour has turned into more of a ‘crackling’ story than any of them would have bargained for, almost jeopardising the tour in the process.

Guitarist Butch Dante explains that ‘’Pagan blessings are de rigeur with all livestock and right in line with the band’s belief system’’, and having broken the piggy-bank to fly their pen-pal over from China, the band had the effigy blessed by a druid priest amidst a stone circle in the English Countryside in a bid to exorcise their misfortune.

‘’The idea was to haul the inflatable pig across the UK on top of our tour bus, inflating it at each venue as a symbol of good versus evil, but it seemed to have other ideas. Not only was it late in arriving, but then on inflating, it nearly knocked one of the band unconscious, and then when attached to the bus it slipped its moorings and flew across a field. When they finally attached it to the tour bus it actually pulled off the van bumper, and the final straw was when we were packing it away it seemed to be giving off a very obnoxious smell. So there was nothing left for us to do we felt than to get one of our druid mates to bless it and hopefully end the curse of the porker.’’

 Wartoad’s UK tour sees them performing at the best punk and indie venues in the nation throughout October.