DeGreaser Reinvent Kiss for a New Generation

For a good few people Kiss are very much the brand they’ve spent so many years cultivating and not much else. They recognise the make-up; they recognise the logo; they know that it’s sex, drugs and rock n roll personified…but as to how much of their music they know…that’s another matter.

This is coming from a somewhat slanted UK view, I hasten to add. The rock n roll all night attitude hasn’t rung as loudly in Hartlepool and Gosport as it has LA and Vegas. The crime is not only that so many amazing tracks have been overlooked in some quarters but also that the band were/are incredibly underrated musicians. Bear with me, this is leading somewhere.

Ben Katzman has been dipped extensively in Kiss waters and the results are clear to hear from his music. There’s not just technical guitar ability but showmanship which comes across, even without visuals. It is, in the most positive sense, 80s rock excess in easily digestible form. If the huge amounts of hairspray and off-putting brattishness of Kiss and the likes of Motley Crue have always made you shy away, then DeGreaser are a brilliant way to experience some of what you’d been missing.

There’s some solid riffing across all the tracks, with more than a touch of Judas Priest along the way. There are no ballads to slow down the frenzied race to reach the choruses and nothing that you take away from the listening experience other than have being thoroughly entertained. This then is where DeGreaser have taken the essence of 80s rock and really succeeded. It’s uplifting music; music to make you forget the humdrum of your life and to concentrate on the simple pleasures. Kiss are pure entertainment. DeGreaser are the first band in eons to remember that this is what rock music should be all about.

DeGreaser’s forthcoming album, “Quarter Life Crisis”, is due out on October 12th, 2018.



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