Wartoad – ‘What Rough Beasts’ Release Review

‘What Rough Beasts’ is the unapologetic, fiery new release from ‘Wartoad’, the self proclaimed group of musical anarchists with members based around the globe, from New York to London. You might expect a rebellious and feisty tone for any new punk release, but WRB surpasses all of my expectations upon first listen. My personal favourite 3 tracks on this release are ‘I Get High’, ‘…And Fuck Off’ and ‘I Alone Can Fix It’.


Opening track ‘I Get High’ opens with a captivating bass-lead riff that immediately conjures up a cross between Royal Blood and Muse. By the time the vocals hit in, musically-speaking I am already hooked – the smooth slightly-echoing vocal is just an enticing added extra to an already well crafted song – overall the track gives off feels of a balanced mixture of punk and rock and is very Black Keys-esque in nature.

The next offering ‘…And Fuck Off’ is wholly unapologetic, both in nature of its title and its sound. By this point, with the opening ‘I don’t give a fuck about nothing’ even somebody not familiar with punk music knows that Wartoad are a band who mean business and are looking to leave a lasting impression – and they don’t care whether it’s a good one or bad one, as long as you listen.

‘I Alone Can Fix It’ is a personal highlight and not just because it namedrops everyone’s favourite US president (can you taste the sarcasm?) but also because the accompanying bass and guitar riffs pound into your head with full force, providing a captivating hook to keep you interested. Of course, it is icing on the cake that the track appears to mock Mr Trump, having been carefully interspersed with various voice and video clips of Donald talking at interviews and clipped together, but the music itself in my opinion is more than strong enough to hold its own, with or without this added bonus.

All in all, Wartoad have produced an unforgiving release, pumped full of attitude which is sure to appeal to any punk rock fan and which leaves you ultimately wanting to hear and know more about the band.

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