Sinister Rumblings from Vulpine Smile

Ahhh, nice n sleazy does it. Vulpine Smile are a Cambridge band who clearly have a slobbering delight for 60s -style garage rock, with a bluesy base to their music but a cultured finish, all fleshed out with rather harrowingly crunchy guitars. A slow, creeping intro to their latest A-side, The Way it Flows, gives little indication that these humble beginnings will give way to a decidedly more throaty assault. Like a prolonged hammer attack to your head, the build of ferocity becomes ever-more alarming, the the point where it feels like you’ve merged into the song itself as a protagonist.

B-side, Glass Machine, is equally arresting, with a superb fuzzed-out guitar leading to yet more salacious vocals and a trippy, hallucinatory journey. It’s all terrific stuff and bodes well for their EP, which should be unveiled to us soon. You should love it, never mind smile about it.