Nave Blues, A Powerhouse Of Rock And Blues Fusion


With 2018 in official full-swing, you can be sure that there is no shortage of talent to bless yourself with. Blues Rock mixed with hauntingly dissonant melodies and deep, roaring sounds which rip through the fabric of normality, Nave Blues are genuinely set for a journey like no other.

With a mix of different elements that make Nave Blues unique, include song writing techniques, presence/stage performance and finally geographical relevance. Based in Norway, the boys that provide the blues came together with an intention to explore new avenues in the blues rock world that have yet to be explored.

Lead singer Nave Pundik, lead and only harmonica player in the band fronts this visually intriguing ensemble. The groups mood is reminiscent to bands such as ‘Type O Negative’, but the music is another story, dragging major influence from the likes of ‘Led Zeppelin’ and ‘Supertramp’.

With the brand new album ‘The NaveBlues’ on the horizon, be sure to not to miss the Nave Blues.