As Right as Reigns – Anarchy Reigns, the New Salvation for British Metal

How many false dawns the British metal scene has had over recent years? Time after time, it has fallen to the old campaigners to resurrect themselves from their crypts for yet another tour; another live album; another reissue. Ruinous for the fans financially, occasionally demeaning for acts who had pleadingly declared themselves retired and leaving a genre which once proudly waved a “new wave” banner looking sullenly at its shoes.

Anarchy Reigns may be the boot in the arse that British metal needs. Seemingly completely unfussed as to what public perception of them may be, they arrive in our lives as they do on stage – clad in full-length leather jackets, bearing disgruntled expressions and via a spaceship called New Dawn. If only two of those statements seem possible, rest assured all our true, lead Anarchist, Hitch, making his way onto stage at a recent gig on a Cyprus beach (!) in a manner that perhaps only Funkadelic’s George Clinton has before him. Is it ludicrous? Of course it is. Have you paid to be entertained? You’re welcome.

The Anarchy Reigns manifesto includes not just their music but their social media empire, which has amassed an extraordinary following, all eager to please their new master. By submitting their trivial acts of anarchy, they are supporting a much larger war Hitch is waging against the multitude of injustices that face the average Joe on the street, plus a few that he’s just narked about himself. Liars, the lead track off their forthcoming EP, is typical of their output – riff-heavy rock of an early 80’s vintage with an industrial edge to add an extra layer both onstage and in the studio. It’s accomplished without any rampant mould-breaking and, despite the political rants, it’s jolly good fun. Whether other bands follow Anarchy Reigns’ example remains to be seen, but so long as they stay the distance, we’re in safe hands.