Cholesterol Jones Takes the Fool by the Horns

Even though, by any stretch of the imagination, Satan’s in Heaven isn’t a full-on metal mosh-a-thon, we didn’t think twice about featuring it. The slightly gospel mantra that runs hypnotically throughout feels slightly like the brainwashing chants of a clandestine cult. Though it feels on the surface like a jolly sing-a-long ditty, there’s a strange melancholia that clings to the song – perfectly apt for a track which in the true traditions of satire takes aim at a subject and doesn’t let go. The subject is, naturally, His Grace Donald Trump and the failings of a democratic system which facilitated his rise to power. The false promise of the melody and bitter undercurrent mean the overall effect is far more satisfactory than someone just shouting abuse at the top of their voice.

Even more excitingly, the rest of the forthcoming EP is well worth a listen too. Bradford Street’s lullaby-like swoon is punctuated by lines like: “You used to have eyes/now it’s all turned black”; stand-out track, River Styx, is achingly sad without being mawkish or overtly self-pitying. He Claimed the Tree of Life feels a little too much like it’s re-treading ground already stomped upon. Nameless Dogs completes the set in appropriately grey-cloud fashion – in fact, the EP concludes at just the right point – there’s the sense that any more would tip the balance into some sort of indie-emo-folk mire. A great introduction though, well worth investigating.