Speed Demon Antonio Domingos Is Climbing Back To The Top, Almost As Quick As His World Record Time



A trained Classical Pianist by day, world record holder by night, Antonio Domingos is aiming to get back on top.

Antonio knew he wanted to play music at an early age, in fact at the age of 14, Antonio and his family moved to Moscow in Russia to gain the best Musical Education possible. This was a long and stressful battle, in which he was met with a number of visa and legal complications.

Soon after, Antonio and his family were finally able to pack up and move to were they had heard of the best opportunities in the field of music. Learning and honing his craft, he was then inducted into the Academic Music College of the Moscow State Conservatory, in which achieved highest honours. After moving throughout the years between the USA (where he was born) and Portugal, Antonio had attracted the attention of financial, logistical and personal benefactors. At first, he was gaining media attention and popular attraction from TV, news and magazine, however his benefactors were putting creative and professional pressure on him, which ultimately ended up in the separation of Antonio and his benefactors.

This has now left him without a real support from a larger group, forcing new ideas and imaginative creations to come to fruition. Antonio set his sights on a rather unique prize.

Now holding the world record for ‘Fastest Piano Key Hitting’, Antonio has proven that his unnatural speed and fearlessness is a force to be reckoned with. having hit the keys a staggering 824 times within one minute.

Website: www.antoniodomingos.net
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/antonio-domingos-piano
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJASNNot2beBP2w4induUNw/videos
Facebook: https://pt.br.facebook.com/pg/Antonio-Domingos-1600242853606883/about/