The Huge Echoing Sound of Sweden’s Pink Milk

Never really exploding in a meaningful commercial sense, shoegaze and the various off-shoots came and went in the blurry fog of drowsy feedback, only to rear its head politely in the sound of the stoner rock movement which sprang up in the early 90s.

It seems that only this year bands and reintroduced themselves to the echo-heavy, guitar-pedals-on-overdrive glorious sludge of the original 80s ethic of play it loud and play it long. Sweden’s Pink Milk have been one of the first bands to take this to its very limits, the twosome evoking dark huddled cultists groaning in windswept valleys.

Their forthcoming album, Purple, collects their single Detroit and achingly affecting cover of Foreigner’s I Want to Know What Love is together with their deafening tracks recorded in both English and Swedish. Check out their videos and soundcloud and get ahead of the game.