Bull Funk Zoo release unruly second album ‘Dangerous Radio’

bfz_logoBull Funk Zoo are on the rampage, releasing their raw and uncompromising album ‘Dangerous Radio’. It is a rollercoaster ride of rock, funk, blues, sex and the news. All whilst tipping his hat to the masters of the Rock trade such as Jimi Hendrix, Rage Against The Machine and The Sex Pistols.

Bull Funk Zoo’s debut album was recorded in 2013 and got the highest ratings for an unsigned band’s record by Rolling Stone. In the Middle East, he has made a name for himself, playing in front of up to 30,000 people at concerts, supporting the likes of Sting, Sade, Timbaland and others. Bull Funk Zoo is continuously working on new material, videos and other creative endeavours. He says: “Creativity is my drug of choice, it has got me in a vice.”

All music on the album was composed, produced & performed (Vox, Guitars, Bass, Drums) by Assaad Lakkis a.k.a. Bull Funk Zoo and Mixed & mastered by Bull Funk Zoo.

A track that stood out for me, is ‘Losing Control’ the track actually starts off as what’s known to me as my phone alarm, it made me laugh, it then goes into heavy guitars and deep vocals, it’s fairly heavy and reminds me of my old housemate who used to blast out rock and heavy metal – All good memories, I mean, rock and heavy metal aren’t really my thing but, ‘Losing Control’ really stood out for me and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.

Check out ‘Losing Control’ below:

Also be sure to check out the rest of the album.