Backed by the hugely acclaimed master of Hip Hop production – LIVELY ‘Middle Finger’ Produced By Scott Storch

The man who is usually seen partying with people like Kim Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan has now hit the studio with one of the UK’s most auspicious emerging Hip Hop acts, Lively. The two have teamed up in the studio last year to record Lively’s second single release ‘Middle Finger’.

The rapper describes his experience with Storch: “It was incredible. Working with someone who has had a career like Scott was inspirational and there will be more to come. He is a creative mastermind and brought the best out of me as an artist when we were in the studio. We ended up making more than one song, I’ll say that much. Don’t believe all the negative press at the moment regarding Storch – his comeback will be bigger than his downfall and the fact i can be part of that is a blessing.”

Next to his collaboration with Scott Storch, Lively has been in the studio with rapper Smiler TPM, BIZARRE from D12 as well as MAC and G-Man of So Solid Crew who are all supporters of his work. Although he is often compared to some of the bigger names in the Hip Hop industry, he isn’t interested in copying other artists. As the line in ‘Middle Finger’ goes: “I’m sick of other rappers ‘cause they’re sounding all the same.” Lively is as determined as it gets when it comes to his music. He won’t let other people stand in the way and that makes him one of the most promising artists on the way to the scene’s front benches.

Lively, who has both Indian and Scottish roots, is a rapper that has the right amount of determination. With support from the industry’s professionals and a work ethic that has brought him this far it will be exciting to see what the rapper’s future projects will look like!

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‘Middle Finger’ is out on 1st April 2016