Album Review – ‘Box Of Chaos’ by Healthy Junkies

Having come a long way from madness to success, Healthy Junkies are what today’s music scene needs – a refreshing take on a somewhat older genre. In celebrations of 40 years since the Sex Pistols released their legendary album ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’, Healthy Junkies are one of the most authentic bands to keep the chain going. With their latest album ‘Box of Chaos’ they prove that rage towards a flawed capitalist system is still up to date. Heavily criticising a world in which each one of us is constantly being watched on CCTV, songs like ‘Watch Out’ are a statement of the Big Brother state of affairs we live in.

For all those who think the spirit of the 70s has died, think again! Healthy Junkies are the prove that the mixture of rebellion and great music is still very much alive.