Bristol’s Falling Stacks release their debut full-length “No Wives” this June through Battle Worldwide Recordings.

That sets a serious tone, but the music is leavened by the band’s undeniable humour and lack of self-regard. They describe their sound as ‘like the thrashing and squawking of a buzzard with its leg in a mantrap’ and insist that their songs are ‘mostly about dogs’. Their debut EP was released on the increasingly popular Howling Owl Records, but the band have since flown the coop and settled at Battle in 2013; they play selectively and don’t tour, but do try and gig outside of Bristol as much as possible (anywhere near a decent Turkish restaurant is fine, usually). They are a contrary outfit whose laconic, easy-going approach shouldn’t be mistaken for laziness: their music is fiercely focused, but on the songs rather than the frippery.

Rolling basslines, twangy guitars and scatty drums to give off an energy that’s pretty terrifying but also pretty catchy in the worst-form-of-catchy possible Elusive Little Comments.

Falling Stacks are a punchy, lacerating, powerful new(ish) presence on whatever scene you want to tag them with; or better yet, leave scenes out of it and simply enjoy them for their blend of anarchy and tautness. And for their distressed buzzard songs about dogs.